Monday, 14 July 2008

Vintage Goodies.

I've talked about some of my vintage buys twice now which you can read here and here ... and I have some more to show!
From this blog entry here, you can see that I love all things Ancient Egyptian.. so, when I saw this necklace on eBay, I just had to get it. It's one of the most common Egyptian Revival pieces made, I'm certain you've all seen it, but I like to think I got the nicest one!Next is this Aurora Borealis Owl Brooch... that I would never ever wear...

...but there was something about it that made me want it. Maybe because it is just completely ridiculous looking with an overload on rhinestones, and it's quite a big piece too, about 2.5". If it was a cute, dainty thing it would be a lot more wearable!

Next up is a beautiful deco-type buckle with a striking blue cabochon. I'm going to make it into a belt some time soon so will keep you updated with that! And lastly, I couldn't resist this elegant rhinestone bracelet... which is just too big for me!
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