Sunday, 3 August 2008

...and some more Vintage Goodies!

I have some new pieces of Vintage jewellery to show you! First up is a simple goldtone bracelet with little bows entwined to make up the entire bracelet.I will wear this once I can get my father to take some of the bows off for me as it is too long... and then maybe make some matching earrings out of the spare ones....and here we have one of my most favourite finds! It is a photo charm bracelet, I'd never seen anything like it.It has an embellished heart and opens up to reveal four sections for you to place photos in!I've also already attached some jump rings onto them for when I find some nice charms to put onto the bracelet... because you can never find a jump ring when you need one, can you? I think I might change them to a more brassier looking gold, the ones I have may be a little bit too yellow!
I think all of my vintage jewellery finds have been from eBay so far. So go on, have a browse!
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