Sunday, 10 August 2008

MOO Stickers.

I really wanted some stickers to put my little red-lipped-blue-lady on and to use it to seal some of my packaging of items that I had sold, but a lot of places I was looking in was ridiculously expensive or I would need to order a very large amount to get them for a better price. MOO stickers were the perfect option as they came in small quantities, are great quality and I also had a 20% discount code from them which made me buy two packs!They arrived some time last week and I'm very pleased with them! One of them went straight onto a package I was getting ready to send off and it worked well.However, I think I might save my little MOOs for smaller things, and to get larger, round stickers for the larger packaging, like the one above. I have found a great place for this actually, which you will have to wait until I get them to see where!
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