Friday, 1 August 2008

More flip flops.

So the sun shining beaming down in London has prompted me to buy yet another pair of sandals. (OK they're really flip flops, but it's such an unattractive word!)I got them from Accessorize (a UK multiple fashion retailer) for only £10 ($20)! I hadn't usually shopped there until recently and have quickly (and personally) come to realise that they actually have the best sandals and flip flop offers, with a high comfortability factor. After the sandals I got from Topshop (see my previous entry), I really wanted something comfortable and pretty at the same time... and even though I said I would wear the Topshop ones when I didn't need to walk much, well, that doesn't really work when you a)haven't got a car yet, b)the cheapest way to get around London is by Underground and walking... and c)the booming fuel prices make it pointless to start driving altogether!

Let's get back to my new sandals! They're called 'Multi Strand Gem Flip Flops' and are made of Sea grass which makes it comfortable to walk in for long periods of time as the footbed is soft and bouncy! You can see them in a better light and get them here. They're also available in a Pewter colour, here.

Unfortunately, only UK customers can purchase via the site, but if you're not from the UK and you're one of my lovely, regular blog readers, I'd be happy to be the middle person and send them to you!... although you would need to pay the delivery of course! You can contact me via my website to discuss this further.
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