Saturday, 30 August 2008

Pocket mirrors and stickers.

I had asked for some opinions on which pocket mirror design I should get to sell in my Etsy shop in this blog entry, and the winner was clearly the full length figured one, so thank you so much for all your responses and here they are!I also added a tint of green to the blue background, as I had mentioned in my previous entry... you probably can't tell the difference, but I'm so glad I had been picky about it because I love them so much more now.
At the same time of ordering my pocket mirrors that-I-have-wanted-forever, I decided to order some circle stickers too, to act as a sealer for some of my packages. I had been using smaller ones which you can see here, but decided on these bigger ones instead!The pocket mirrors are now on sale in my Etsy shop here, in my newly created section of nuvonova merchandise! I decided to utilise my illustration even more and use her on a variety of other products, such as a notecard and envelope set which is also on sale in my shop and includes my new stickers as an extra embellishment and sealer. I have many more ideas for her, but you will need to wait and see!Now, as promised, I am to reveal my source for these goodies! You can get your own pocket mirrors, stickers and so much more at!!! This is a UK based company, the service is incredible, they patiently and very politely replied to the million questions I had to ask before purchasing, and they have a super-fast turnaround time. I feel like this is the only professional UK site available for these products, I could not find any others, and I won't be looking anymore now that I have found awesomebadges!
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