Saturday, 23 August 2008

Red Shoes.

I have bought myself some new shoes! They're called SQUEEK and are from Topshop and as soon as I saw them, knew that I had to have them! They also came in black and in purple, but black was a bit boring and I was worried purple wouldn't go with a few of my outfits. The price isn't too bad at £55 ($110) because I know I will wear them very often... I haven't properly worn them out yet but they felt very comfortable when I walked around the Topshop shop floor for 10 minutes!I wear dresses pretty much all of the time, and when I buy dresses, I like them to be versatile so that I could potentially wear them both in the day and night. I have bought these shoes for the purpose of doing the same thing, the style is quite 'smart' with a decent heel height, but the grosgrain bow adds a touch of quirkiness to it (and I love bows!), I also feel that red is such a great colour to wear overall.The only downside to the shoes is that I don't think they will cope well in the rain as they are suede, but I love suede so I just have to risk it! I also love patent, but I feel this style would lose the look I wanted if it was in patent,... I think it would have to be more of a Mary-Jane style (with a t-bar detail and buckle) to work.
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