Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Tudors - Series 2.

This started a few weeks ago in the UK and it has been amazing! If you haven't watched The Tudors at all, you definitely should! I was so sad when it finished last year with producers unsure whether it would be continued, but I am so glad it has!Not only that, they have recently stated that the show has done so well, that they will now be going through all of Henry VIII's wives! I was so happy to learn of this, however, after finishing the wonderful book by Phillipa Gregory, 'The Constant Princess' a couple of months ago, which is about Katherine of Aragon (Henry's first wife), I feel that it would've been great to see more of her in the show, as the show primarily began with focus around Henry and Anne Boleyn.
I have also found out that Joss Stone will be playing Anne of Cleves in the third season... I am looking forward to seeing her in this role because I really can't imagine it... I hope she does not disappoint because the current cast is perfect.
I especially love watching The Tudors just to see the costumes! I have been blown away at what I have seen. My favourite so far has been this pom-pom head piece worn by Anne Boleyn.
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