Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The Dark Knight.

I have finally watched this! I was so close to missing it as I've been so busy and when I checked the film times the only ones available were at 9pm! I knew I'd be tired but really wanted to watch the installment to Batman Begins as I thought this new, darker version of Batman was really fantastic. I was also surprised to see Harvey Dent in the film, a character who seemed familiar to me but I couldn't put my finger on it... until my brother decided to semi-spoil the film for me and whisper 'that's Two-Face!'.... which then took me back to my childhood where we had read about him in comic books.I was very impressed with the film although it was a bit too long (around 2.5hrs), but I probably wouldn't have minded if I wasn't so tired already. Heath Ledger was great as The Joker, I think it is his best role and he had a flawless laugh for the character. One scene I found particularly amusing was when he dressed up as a nurse... but you would need to watch it! The costume and make up was also perfect which I think can be hard when trying to portray an originally silly character in a non-silly way! It'd be interesting to see how The Penguin would be although I hope this character is not introduced for fear that it can ruin the new, dark vibe of Batman. There is rumour that Johnny Depp will play The Riddler next which is the most perfect choice. I can't think of anyone else suitable for the role, although Jim Carrey was bloody damn good in the 90's version!However, the costume would need intense revision! It will be interesting to see this, and I hope it is something sophisticated, as The Riddler is a very sophisticated character. And lastly, Maggie Gyllenhaal had taken the role as Rachel Dawes which originally was played by Katie Holmes... and I am so glad of it! She was so much better than Katie Holmes, with a lot more character and feisty-ness! Although I wish she had also been in Batman Begins because I have such a disliking for inconsistent characters!
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