Tuesday, 9 September 2008

A present.

I got a little present a few days ago from the loveliest person, ever.... and the present I got is actually something I've been wanting for a while now, and I haven't mentioned it before to anyone! Don't you love when that happens?When you get something completely unexpected, but the something is what you absolutely wanted! OK so, I'll get to my point and this 'something' is my own little custom made stamp! It is my 'brand name' nuvonova and in my font! The box is also custom made for the stamp!I couldn't believe it when I opened the little parcel, I almost let out a shriek! There is a sample of the stamping on the wooden part of the stamp and it's perfect! I'm just trying to decide what colour ink pad I want to get, but will probably go for black.I also received the business card of the person who made the stamp which is fellow Etsy shop owner, owlbaby8069, she hand carves all the stamps which are amazingly beautiful and intricate. I have my eye on the lotus ones because they're so beautiful and they're also the definition of my middle name! I completely recommend this seller! I'm even thinking of having my swan illustration (see a few entries down) made into a stamp... and probably a lot more!
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