Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Other Boleyn Girl - Book Review.

Loved it!!! 'The Other Boleyn Girl' is about Anne Boleyn's sister, Mary, and you are taken through from when she is a very young girl, married, but then pushed by her ambitious family into becoming Henry VIII's 'favourite' while still being a Lady-in-Waiting for his wife, Katherine of Aragon. She eventually has two children with the King, falls in love with him, and irritates her family for losing the point of gaining the King's attention. Her family then turn to Anne to take over...and that's where it all really begins.
I wasn't sure if I had spoilt the book for myself by watching the film adaptation starring Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman and Eric Bana where you can read my review about it here... but it was so much better. I don't recall the film being much about Mary at all, I vividly remember it still being about Anne which I can understand as she plays such a big role, but in the book, Mary is narrating the story and it just comes across as so much more interesting. I wish the film had not made it all about Anne... although I possibly might just have to watch it again.
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