Tuesday, 28 October 2008

MOSCHINO Sample Sale 2008 - London / UK

Sample sale tomorrow, Wednesday 29th October 2008 - 30th October 2008, 10am-6pm at the Conduit Street boutique... just off Oxford Street.
Sorry, forgot to publish this blog entry sooner!... along with one of my favourite Moschino perfume advertisements that I always found so striking!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

August Rush.

I've been subscribed to LOVEFiLM for a while now... and had been thinking of ending my subscription as I was struggling with watching them as fast as I used to, therefore didn't feel like I was making full use of the £13/$26 monthly payment for unlimited DVDs!

...but then, a film I'd wanted to watch at the cinema was posted to me. August Rush. I'm glad I didn't watch it at the cinema, because it definitely falls under my 'too-cosy-to-watch-at-the-cinema' category.
I was quite impressed at how good it was... it was almost, magical... and I highly recommend it.

It stars Freddie Highmore, who is a really really good child actor. You may know him as Charlie, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Spiderwick Chronicles.

He plays an orphan who believes his parents are still alive and are communicating with him through music. This is what I mean about it being 'magical' but without it being far-fetched. Well, some people could see it as being outrageously far-fetched, but I completely believed it all until the credits came rolling up and I snapped back into reality.

The film also stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Keri Russell. I found it a bit strange seeing Jonathan Rhys Meyers speaking in his own Irish accent, when I had previously been watching him a lot as King Henry VIII in The Tudors. I haven't seen many films with Keri Russell but I find her so beautiful and endearing to watch.

I have decided to hang on a bit longer to my subscription as I still have a few more films I'd really love to watch.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Secret Sample Sale - London, UK.

Just letting all you Londoners know that there is a 'secret sample sale' at the Old Truman Brewery at Brick Lane. It started today (which was for members-only anyway) and open to the public tomorrow until Sunday 26th October 2008. I went there today while helping to transport some garments for the fashion brand I am currently interning at and gosh there is a LOT of clothes! ... very heavily discounted too. I just wish each brand was presented in seperate booths, rather than rows of rails... but I am an impatient shopper and can't ever be bothered to search, so good luck to whoever decides to go!... and wrap up warmly, it's freezing inside!

Here is the not-so-secret website with all the information, and it's probably worth signing up to if you want to know about future dates: http://www.secretsamplesale.co.uk/

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

From Shabby to Chic.

I previously blogged about revamping my tote bag photos a few days ago which are for sale in my Etsy Shop but I also managed to do something else thanks to a Fashion Design internship I am currently on (but not the one that gave me these buttons, this is a new one!)... they were doing a clear out and they had a stand where the pole wasn't secure in the base (all it needed was a nail) and they were actually going to throw it away, but I was quick to ask for it and they were happy to give it to me! So as well as revamping the photos of the bags, I was also able to revamp the photo of the one being modelled on a dummy, and my my my, isn't it an improvement!
From shabby, on a horrible, weird-busted adjustable dummy (that I couldn't even pin anything on to) that I bought when I first started my Fashion Design degree 4 years ago and thought it was amazing at the time...

...to a wonderfully chic looking stand, which compliments all the white furniture I already have in my room and blends in beautifully. I also added a little bow-tie, for sweetness!

My aim however, is to one day own a Kennett & Lindsell stand, they are the Kings and Queens of tailor's dummy's... and also, just a little fact, you can get your own measurements made as a dummy. I found this out at a Fashion internship I was at (today was my last day there actually) and thought it was amazing, and hilarious when I saw an example in the studio, it even had a bottom, and stand's are usually bottomless!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Changing the buttons.

I think personalising your clothing, or changing it some way is so important if you're shopping on the high street, and you are most certainly bound to see someone else wearing it... don't you hate when that happens?
Anyway, I had bought a black, Victorian-esque coat many months ago when it was on sale at a Miss Selfridge shop. It was on the rail for £18/$36, discounted from £38/$76... but when I took it to the till, it ended up just being £10/$20. Now don't you LOVE when that happens! I instantly noticed that the buttons needed to go, but as I didn't need to wear it (it was still Summer), it quickly got buried away.. now I am freezing in the UK, I have popped it out!

I have been interning at various Fashion Design companies now, and my most recent one was happy to give me some of the beautiful buttons I was working with, to use on my coat! Besides gaining experience that I would never have learnt about at University, this must be the second best thing about internships, all the freebies! I have always got lovely things, I even got my mother about 10 dresses, 6 skirts, 12 tops and a pair of trousers when interning at a multiple retail Womenswear brand. It was amazing! They had a special rail that you could take from, so first come first serve!

I loved how they looked when I finished sewing them on, and actually, I've decided to have it as my 'night time coat' where it can shimmer and flicker in the dark! I don't think it's glamourous enough to be called an 'evening coat', but it will have to do for now!

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Improving photos.

Since I first started making tote bags to sell in my Etsy shop, I'd always found it quite difficult taking nice, clear, sharp photos of them which was starting to hit a nerve, so I decided to revamp them all. I started with the Tea Green photos and I am so so happy with how they have turned out! Here are some of the changes I made:

I had always made a mess of the colour when photographing, until I found the White Balance option I thought I didn't have on my camera! Also, I would get my little sister to help hold the handles up while I took the photos, but now, I actually much prefer them sitting in their natural position.

Getting a photo of the inside of the bags were a pain, and I wonder what I was thinking when I used my own handmade books to act as a point of scale, which obviously wouldn't, as nobody knows what size my books are! My new one now shows actual novels in the inside pockets.

I wanted to show how much you could put in the bag, and using my handmade books was not exactly the best way! So I put my big Fashion books in, which in comparison to the novels, should make size very clear.

... and of course, an inside shot is important, which I didn't originally have at all. Overall, I think there is a bit of tweaking I could still do, but I'm glad I've managed to find a way of taking good photos of my bags now, it makes me want to make more! Also, I can photograph them all by myself, I don't have to rely on my sister being here to help hold the handles, which I'm sure she's happy with too! The only thing I have left that I want to include, is a photo of it being modelled, that's going to be a tricky one!

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Embellishment. Part II.

You may remember this blog entry here about embellishing my own fashion illustration as notecards, with jet crystals.I enjoyed doing it so much as it was actually really therapeutic just sitting there having to apply each crystal one by one, that I did it again!This time I did a mixture of jet, hematite and my favourite, aurora borealis crystals! After completing the embellishments, I finished them off by keeping them together with some black grosgrain ribbon. These new version notecards are available here.

Friday, 10 October 2008


Yalipaz is a fellow Etsy seller who I recently bought some ACEOs from. You can see all my blog entries about ACEOs here, and you will quickly realise how much I love them!... and if you didn't know, ACEOs are small pieces of art where the only rule is that they measure 2.5" x 3.5".
Yalipaz originally didn't offer her art as ACEOs but I was desperate for some of her artwork in ACEO format, so plucked up the courage to ask if she could do it for me! She was very happy to do so, and here they are in my own handmade ACEO book... they are the most cutest pieces of art.
My favourite is 'I love honey', it is just so endearing and 'sweet'.

She now offers ACEOs in her Etsy Shop (yipee!) and I hope to get some more at a later date. I absolutely must also mention her other products, some of them being the flying fairies and dolls, they are so fun! If I could, I would literally buy 20 of them and have them hung all over a Christmas tree, why settle for just one at the top, when you can have lots! My most favourite one is 'Babet' who is hand sculpted with paper clay and her limbs are made with wire so you can put her in any pose you want! I personally would be tempted to put her in a Superman-esque pose, wouldn't you? This little beauty can be purchased here.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Advent Calendar Pouches.

I've been making custom, ribbon-tie pouches for a while now, where you can see some of them in my Gallery on my website, over here. I recently finished another order where the buyer wanted them to act as an advent calendar for the run up to Christmas. I thought this was such a lovely idea!.. and also, you could re-use them every year!
She also very kindly suggested that I should offer them in my Etsy Shop so here they are!

Saturday, 4 October 2008


I've decided to stop a very bad habit - folding the corners down of books I am reading to mark where I am. I am reading so many books at the moment, my most newest editions are 'Perfume - Story of a Murderer' which I have borrowed off a friend and really enjoyed the film, and also 'QI: The Book of General Ignorance'. I have read a few pages of the latter and it is actually really quite interesting!Anyway, back to my initial topic... as I am wanting to stop my habit, especially as I borrow books from friends which I would like to keep in good condition, including my own... I have made myself some bookmarks with my fashion illustration on them. I am so pleased with the way they have turned out and will most probably offer them for sale at one point, but I have an idea for those that will make them extra special! Watch this space!

Thursday, 2 October 2008


I've always loved lace in all shapes and form, whether it's fabric, wallpaper, a garment, a pattern, a curtain, everything! Recently, I've had the biggest urge to start using lace in many of the product areas of my Etsy shop which I will be introducing soon. I've also always used lace for little bits and bobs including wrapping presents with lace trimmings rather then the standard ribbon......but now, I want to do more and to sell it! So I went on a shopping trip and ended up purchasing about 50 metres worth of lace trimmings! I can't wait to show you all of my new creations from them, once they're done, of course. Here they are after washing and bundling them up so they're ready for me to use as soon as I need them!