Sunday, 19 October 2008

Changing the buttons.

I think personalising your clothing, or changing it some way is so important if you're shopping on the high street, and you are most certainly bound to see someone else wearing it... don't you hate when that happens?
Anyway, I had bought a black, Victorian-esque coat many months ago when it was on sale at a Miss Selfridge shop. It was on the rail for £18/$36, discounted from £38/$76... but when I took it to the till, it ended up just being £10/$20. Now don't you LOVE when that happens! I instantly noticed that the buttons needed to go, but as I didn't need to wear it (it was still Summer), it quickly got buried away.. now I am freezing in the UK, I have popped it out!

I have been interning at various Fashion Design companies now, and my most recent one was happy to give me some of the beautiful buttons I was working with, to use on my coat! Besides gaining experience that I would never have learnt about at University, this must be the second best thing about internships, all the freebies! I have always got lovely things, I even got my mother about 10 dresses, 6 skirts, 12 tops and a pair of trousers when interning at a multiple retail Womenswear brand. It was amazing! They had a special rail that you could take from, so first come first serve!

I loved how they looked when I finished sewing them on, and actually, I've decided to have it as my 'night time coat' where it can shimmer and flicker in the dark! I don't think it's glamourous enough to be called an 'evening coat', but it will have to do for now!

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