Wednesday, 22 October 2008

From Shabby to Chic.

I previously blogged about revamping my tote bag photos a few days ago which are for sale in my Etsy Shop but I also managed to do something else thanks to a Fashion Design internship I am currently on (but not the one that gave me these buttons, this is a new one!)... they were doing a clear out and they had a stand where the pole wasn't secure in the base (all it needed was a nail) and they were actually going to throw it away, but I was quick to ask for it and they were happy to give it to me! So as well as revamping the photos of the bags, I was also able to revamp the photo of the one being modelled on a dummy, and my my my, isn't it an improvement!
From shabby, on a horrible, weird-busted adjustable dummy (that I couldn't even pin anything on to) that I bought when I first started my Fashion Design degree 4 years ago and thought it was amazing at the time... a wonderfully chic looking stand, which compliments all the white furniture I already have in my room and blends in beautifully. I also added a little bow-tie, for sweetness!

My aim however, is to one day own a Kennett & Lindsell stand, they are the Kings and Queens of tailor's dummy's... and also, just a little fact, you can get your own measurements made as a dummy. I found this out at a Fashion internship I was at (today was my last day there actually) and thought it was amazing, and hilarious when I saw an example in the studio, it even had a bottom, and stand's are usually bottomless!

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