Saturday, 18 October 2008

Improving photos.

Since I first started making tote bags to sell in my Etsy shop, I'd always found it quite difficult taking nice, clear, sharp photos of them which was starting to hit a nerve, so I decided to revamp them all. I started with the Tea Green photos and I am so so happy with how they have turned out! Here are some of the changes I made:

I had always made a mess of the colour when photographing, until I found the White Balance option I thought I didn't have on my camera! Also, I would get my little sister to help hold the handles up while I took the photos, but now, I actually much prefer them sitting in their natural position.

Getting a photo of the inside of the bags were a pain, and I wonder what I was thinking when I used my own handmade books to act as a point of scale, which obviously wouldn't, as nobody knows what size my books are! My new one now shows actual novels in the inside pockets.

I wanted to show how much you could put in the bag, and using my handmade books was not exactly the best way! So I put my big Fashion books in, which in comparison to the novels, should make size very clear.

... and of course, an inside shot is important, which I didn't originally have at all. Overall, I think there is a bit of tweaking I could still do, but I'm glad I've managed to find a way of taking good photos of my bags now, it makes me want to make more! Also, I can photograph them all by myself, I don't have to rely on my sister being here to help hold the handles, which I'm sure she's happy with too! The only thing I have left that I want to include, is a photo of it being modelled, that's going to be a tricky one!

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