Thursday, 23 October 2008

Secret Sample Sale - London, UK.

Just letting all you Londoners know that there is a 'secret sample sale' at the Old Truman Brewery at Brick Lane. It started today (which was for members-only anyway) and open to the public tomorrow until Sunday 26th October 2008. I went there today while helping to transport some garments for the fashion brand I am currently interning at and gosh there is a LOT of clothes! ... very heavily discounted too. I just wish each brand was presented in seperate booths, rather than rows of rails... but I am an impatient shopper and can't ever be bothered to search, so good luck to whoever decides to go!... and wrap up warmly, it's freezing inside!

Here is the not-so-secret website with all the information, and it's probably worth signing up to if you want to know about future dates:
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