Sunday, 2 November 2008


So, you've seen some of my vintage jewellery pieces, but my collecting doesn't stop there, it branches out into cameos! I've been collecting cameos for a few years now, I don't mind if they aren't the traditional, shell-carved type, I just love the whole idea of a beautiful image being intricately carved into a piece of material, Here are some of my favourites!
These four Gibson Girl cameos are so cute, I found the rhinestones acting as a necklace very sweet!

I also love the majority of the carved subjects; usually Greek or Roman mythology... which is actually where a lot of cameos originally derived from. Here are some of my Roman soldier cameos! Some are also called intaglios, where the image is literally carved into the material, so that the background is raised higher.

... I've come across very unique cameo-inspired cabochons also, such as these gunmetal ones with a simple outline of a woman's profile.

Instead of just collecting the cabs (which I have been designing jewellery around and hopefully my father can make it all up for me one day!)...I've also been looking at other things that have cameos, and my most recent purchase has been this little trinket box with Athena at the front. (Well, I like to think it's Athena!)

I'd love to own one of those really really intricate shell cameos such as this outstandingly beautiful Medusa one, made in 1880 and set in a hand carved jet frame. Wow!

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