Tuesday, 4 November 2008

What I did with my lace.

I published a blog entry a month ago about my sudden urge to buy lots of lace, and this is the first thing I used it on!I had made a sleeveless blouse out of taupe crepe-de-chine fabric that I had sourced from a very small, discreet fabric store (they always have the best things!) and it just had the sweetest irregular-shaped polka dots! I was ready to sell it in my Etsy shop but when I had bought the lace trimmings, I thought a particular piece could look really sweet on my blouse. As I'm very much a bow-loving person, I instantly used it as a decorative bow and I love the look of it! It will be available in my Etsy shop (once I get round to making labels and taking more photos of it!), along with some other garments I have been working on and incredibly excited about!
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