Wednesday, 17 December 2008


I've recently noticed that I have become a little over-prepared for 2009! I got a new calendar which you can read about here, but now I also have a pocket sized planner! Everything I write on my calendar, I'll write in here, and vice versa. Talk about organisation!If you've been following my blog, you will quickly realise how much I love art... and I wanted my planner to have some art! I came across this Gustav Klimt 2009 planner and knew it was The One. I don't remember studying about this artist at college but the name, and art style is so familiar, so maybe I did? Maybe I wasn't so interested in it at the time? I am now! I bought it straight away (on eBay), not even knowing how much art would be inside, but when I got it, I was very happy! There is a piece of artwork every three weeks or so and I couldn't help but check some of them out straight away! Here's a peek!This one is called 'Judith and Holofernes', I actually find it very modern for something painted in 1901 as it looks almost like a high-fashion shot! Gustav Klimt uses women to dominate a lot of his paintings which I noticed right away in this one, I hardly even saw the male head in the corner! This painting is based on The Old Testament heroine, Judith, who saves the city of Bethulia from the Assyrians and holds the head of Holofernes. I have never heard of this story before, but I love it! Next up is 'Beethoven Frieze -Yearning for Happiness'. This is one portion out of three which decorated three walls for an exhibition in celebration of the composer....and just one more (although there are so many more beautiful paintings in my planner!), 'Hope II'. It was painted in 1907/08 and is an example of his use of gold leaf. I would really love to see the real thing. I love how so many images are moulded into one such as those three female faces at the bottom, blended right into the cloak.
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