Wednesday, 10 December 2008

7 facts - Part II.

A teeny tiny littlebird has asked me to reveal 7 random facts about myself! Although I love reading these about other fellow bloggers, I always feel mine are so boring in comparison (this one was my last, and first one) so to make it easier for myself this time, I thought I'd go by the things I loved.

1) I love jacket potato with cheese and beans, although I probably have it way too often.
2) I love singing, but unfortunately can't sing to save my life.
3) I love (almost obsessed) with anything to do with Vampires.
4) I love After-Eight Mint Chocolates and Terry's Chocolate Orange. I am still so impressed at the orange segment idea of the latter!
5) I love 80's music... which is what I also said in my first '7 random facts', gosh, I must really love it!
6) I love all shades of blue.
7) I love Ancient Greek Mythology.
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