Sunday, 14 December 2008

Book Review - Twilight.

Firstly, this isn't really a review (sorry), because I'm going to watch the film when it is released on Friday and thought it would be more exciting to make a side by side comparison, while it is all fresh in my head... but wow. Honestly, this book was amazing. I read almost 500 pages in about 10 hours, within 3 days, I just couldn't keep away from it and I even ended up dreaming about it each night! The last time I was this hooked on a book was a long time ago, when I read The Historian... and funnily enough, they both have a connection, they're both about vampires.

I actually first read about Twilight (the film) in a newspaper way back in August, the advertisement caught my eye and I knew it would be something dark and wonderful! I then skimmed through the paragraph and as soon as I saw the word 'vampire', I was very very interested. They also mentioned the book, so I thought I would read the book first as it was still quite a while until the film was released. I bought the book, and even blogged about it here... but then I forgot about it. A while later, I saw the film trailer, and it provoked me to finally start reading my book... and when I started, I was annoyed I'd left it for so long! Here is the film trailer being shown in the UK!

Having seen the trailer, I had an idea of what the characters looked like, so as I read the book, I could easily put faces to them... although some I am not so keen on. However, I will leave all of that for my film review, where I will not be holding back at all! Also, I remember my little sister going on about a band called Paramore being absolutely amazing a few months back but I never really paid attention... until I heard their song 'Decode' which is on the official soundtrack for Twilight. It is so damn good! I love their video too, which shows other scenes from the film... although at this rate, I think I am spoiling the film for myself but I really can't wait!

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