Thursday, 11 December 2008

Goodbye Gazette du Bon Ton, Hello Erté, again.

In 2007, I had a beautiful Erté calendar, then I bought a Gazette Du Bon Ton one for 2008 (in May, which is too late!) and you can read about my transition here.
If you clicked on that link (and read my entry), you will know that the December artwork was my favourite, and of course, here we are in December with an illustration by George Barbier in 1924. I always get this style of wall calendars (artwork on the top, dates on the bottom) because it gives me room to write things and the artwork is big, clear and beautiful! ... but, there is a huge, massive, colossal, gigantic, enormous, calendar design fault. The hole that is used to hang off a nail, is going right through the artwork, it drives me bonkers. (...I've also just realised while typing this that it seems like my December girl is embracing the fault!)

If I wasn't in the creative field, I probably wouldn't even notice it, but don't you hate noticing things you wish you didn't?! I will still keep the artwork regardless, though. (Which is what I usually do with all my old calendars.)
So, it's coming up to 2009 and there's no way I'm getting it almost half way through the year again so I have bought myself another Erté one!

It's in the exact same wall calendar style but this time with different artwork. I don't think I would've bought it if it was the same and would've gone for the much desired Gil Evren Pin-Ups one instead, which is what I've wanted for the past three years but I am obsessively loyal to all things 1920s... and one last thing, I can't wait to reach the October one!

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