Wednesday, 27 February 2008

How do you like your tea?

I love to have the teabag soaked in for a while, or if I'm in a rush I'll squash it with my teaspoon hoping more of the flavour will come out, 1 sugar sometimes 1 and a half, then I make it quite milky. It has to be some sort of 'english breakfast' tea brand, they're the only sort I can drink, as I absolutely can't stand herbal tea!! I wonder if people actually, honestly find them 'tasty', I mean really really really yummy-tasty?.. or it just because it's a healthier option?Anyway, I just wanted to show off the PG tips monkey I got free in a big box of PG Tips! He's so cute, if I wrapped him up into a ball he'd be the size of an apple!

ACEO Album development.

I've been playing around with different ways to keep ACEOs in an album. (ACEO's are pieces of art where the only rule is that they measure 2.5 x 3.5").

I firstly started with just a basic book where I personally mounted ACEO's myself with double sided sticky tape.... but thinking about it, it's actually quite a disorganised way of doing it.

Then I came up with using transparent photo corners, which worked out quite well.I also did another where I also included ACEO sleeves within the corners so they were spaced out a bit further than the other.
Finally, I developed a neat, professional way of mounting the sleeves straight into the book using permanent adhesive dots placed in the sleeve corners, so the book ends up being more like an album. I love it! Although it is extremely costly as an entire book holds 204 ACEOs, which means 816 adhesive dots to use!! You can order one via my Etsy Shop which I can also customise for you!

“You just killed a helicopter with a car!” “I was out of bullets.”

I watched Die Hard 4.0 2 days ago, after missing it at the cinema, and I loved it! It was SO funny, everything that came out of John McClane's (Bruce Willis) mouth made me burst out laughing! .. It was really hard actually getting into the storyline because of it! ... I still think and laugh about the quoted title. It's a definite 'you have to see to find it funny' scene, but if anyone knows what I'm talking about, speak up!

Justin Long's character (Matt Farrell) was the perfect cast for a super geek and was also very funny. I was very disappointed with Maggie Q's character, Mai Linh (I actually had to find out the name on, I'm certain it was never spoken). There was absolutely no character presence, she was cold and boring, this 'may' have been OK if she was set on killing everyone and taking over the world but she also had a romantic relationship with the head villain, which was shown in a 'passionate' kiss just before she boards a helicopter and shows him watching her tenderly, but that was it. Prior to the kiss, you would assume she was just one of the head villain's minions. It was quite irritating, I would have liked the character to develop. However, I also watched her in 'Balls of Fury' and she was still a bit 'blank'.. but I'd also watched her in Mission Impossible 3 and she was great! Oh I give up, maybe her next film will decide?

While watching the film, I spotted the biggest editing flaw!! There is a scene where John McClane is fighting with Mai Linh (his one-liners in this scene are so funny!), she beats him around a bit and vice-versa.. then he throws her into a shelving unit by her hair and at this point her hair is now untied. While his back is turned, she gets up and does some sort of flying kick which pushes John McClane crashing out the window, now, this is the important part, as she walks to the window to look at him, her hair is tied!! Then it shows her walking away from the window and it's loose!! How could they miss it? It was so obvious!! Luckily I hadn't watched it at the cinema otherwise I would have been one of those annoying 'did you see that?!?!' audience members.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

MOO two.

I got my second set of Moo cards! I still have a lot of my first batch left but I just had to get more. I also took the suggestion of making my previous clothing label design as a Moo card and it looks lovely! Also, the one under that one is a close up of a piece of embroidery and beading I did last year which looks really pretty!
Oh and if you don't know what Moo cards are, well, I like to simply think of them as a modern day business card. When I first found out about them, it suddenly occurred to me how I've never ever seen business cards different to the standard type.
I think MOO cards are best for people in the creative industry, one side is your own image (I've noticed how zoomed in images look nicer, even if they're cut off) which you can have 100 different ones of (you get 100 in a pack) and on the other side, you can have up to six lines of your own text, i.e name, email etc etc.
I tried some with my favourite pieces of jewellery that I sell, and I think I should have zoomed in a bit more, but they still look quite cute. .. and also with my books, not sure if the lacey one works well though.

Thursday, 21 February 2008


Warning: Go and get a cup of tea/coffee before even attempting to read this post.

Before I started this post, I had to double check there was such a word as 'superheroines', as I'd never seen it anywhere or heard it in formal context. Someone describing X-men wouldn't say it's about 'superheroes and superheroines', they would only say the former. The same way 'people' can be referred to as 'men'. I remember when I was about 11, my teacher made us read paragraphs of important events in history and she asked what they mean by 'men', and I was the only one that knew! Anyway, on this search, I found the most amazing list of 'superheroines' on Wikipedia, wow!

I have forever had an interest in superheroines, I guess I loved the personalities that came with them (regardless of whether they were good or bad), the outfits they wore, the powers they had, their storylines, everything!
... I was also clearing out my room and came across some comic trading cards from absolutely years ago, I completely forgot I had them, maybe that's why ACEO's appeal so much to me.. I definitely had more, but these are the ones I found:

Notice how most are women!? Jean Gray and Rogue from X-Men are two of my many favourites and I went through a stage wanting that white bit of hair like Rogue. Jean Gray's character story in the animated X-Men series started off weak, she was helpful, maternal, and a little bit boring, but as soon as the 'Phoenix' story happened, she went right to the top! ... and the films were amazing!

Some of you may remember me introducing my character in online game 'Guild Wars' when I first started this blog.. and ever since my boyfriend got me a laptop for my birthday, I've been able to play it much more on my travels (as I usually have other things to do at home).. and I thought I'd show off her new outfit! I think I spend more time deciding what to dress her in then actually playing the game. She looks great though doesn't she?

..But wouldn't she look even better if she had a flaming sword drawn by (Yes this actual one!)

I absolutely had to introduce this artist to those reading. Her art is serious eye candy for me (will be yours too) and I recently found out that she has now started doing them in ACEO!! I have my eye on..well...all of them. I would be the first player to join her game, if all her characters were in it. I love what she does and always looking foward to her new installments. I mean, who cares about Poseidon, when you have's 'Sea-Witch'?

And remember my Vampire post? If you don't (shame on you!), well I was going on about loving anything vampire related! Well, if there was to be another Blade film coming out (yes please!) .. I would like to see something like's 'Vampire of the Deep' as the elite vampire that actually finishes Blade off... (but with a clever cliffhanger so that it still leaves the film open for another one, if you know what I mean)... or, if they're ever going to make 'The Little Mermaid', animated, but for adults, she would definitely make an excellent Ursula.

Also, I watched Alien VS Predator 2 - Requiem, loved it but slightly disappointed in the way the Alien/Predator hybrid looked. To me, it was just an Alien with dreadlocks. They could've done a much better job with that! It was meant to be the ultimate monster!!! However, I would love to see what's interpretation of the hybrid would have been... and just to top it off, her little dog Ripley is named after the original Alien terminator! How cute!

And lastly (slowly getting there, well done for sticking around this long!), just to further show my obsession with superheroines, this is a dress I designed and made about 3 years ago, in my first year at University. The project brief was to design and make anything, but only using denim. I didn't want to typically make jeans and I like making complete outfits, so a dress was the best option! (I could have made a two-piece denim outfit, but I just couldn't visualise it looking very pleasing!)
The finished dress is very short, very tight fitting and very.. how can I say it.. busty? We also had to have a fashion show to showcase our designs but I didn't want to put someone on the spot by asking them to model my very risqué design! So I put it at the back of my mind...

...until the fashion show came up. So in a panic, I looked around my class and picked out the girl with the kindest face, messy blonde hair, biker boots and fishnet tights, and she was very happy to model for me! I hadn't even thought or brought anything in for styling, so I let her keep her boots and tights on, and I was so pleased when I saw her come out! She looked like all my favourite superheroines mixed together but with a droplet of G.I. Jane and Tank Girl, I really wish I'd taken a photo of it though!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I absolutely loved writing it and it actually took me a week to do! So really, this is the shortened version of my post, I could talk about Xena, the Warrior Princess forever, Resident Evil, honestly go on and on and on and on...

..ok one more thing I just have to say.. I recently watched Spiderman 3 for the first time (I was so busy at University when it came out!!) and it was SO good! So much better then I expected, the best one. I'm so pleased to have seen the Venom character introduced, that was one of the rare trading cards to collect and my brother got one, I was so jealous. Anyway, I haven't reached my point yet (sorry!) .. but, wouldn't the film have been 100 times better if Mary-Jane turned into Venom? Just a thought.

Absolutely last and important comment, I realised that I may slightly come across as a feminist with all my superheroine this superheroine that, but I'm not... superheroines are just so much more exciting, don't you think?!!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Basic Sewing Tips by Trial & Error - Introduction

Since I started making clothes again, I came across so many problems! So I am documenting everything I learn and giving tips and advice.. so you'll be seeing these short posts popping up every now and again. I also don't want to fill my blog with long pages of sewing tips as I like it to be varied, so you can follow this link to read the information, and it would be fantastic if you could also rate it! Be honest with the rating, I don't see who it's by and whatever rating I get isn't going to hurt my feelings!.. but if I know people are reading it, and feeling it is beneficial, then I will continue to do more!
Basic Sewing Tips by Trial & Error - Introduction

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Most comfortable 'heels' in the World.

As a request, I am posting my most comfortable high heels I own. They're by Irregular Choice and are a few seasons old and I can't remember what they are called, sorry! I know they don't look it, but they really really are.. and I know they're a bit weird, but I do love the weird and wonderful.
The funny thing is, because I bought them online, I couldn't try them on, and I was sure I wouldn't be able to walk in them comfortably and saw them as perfect mantlepiece material. However, I still wanted them as I love anything with pom-poms, loved the colours used, love that it was a size UK 3 (nice shoes are so hard to find in that size) and just generally loved the 'kookiness' of it. So I couldn't believe it when I was able to run, jump, do anything in them!
Oh and I would have modelled them for you, as they're very eye-catching when worn, but some people may have a thing about seeing strangers' feet.. I do.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Quick update on my dress creations.

I've put the dress I previously mentioned to one side and started on a new one, I just needed to focus on something fresh! And this is the result!:
I'm so pleased with the outcome! It's made with crepe de chine and vintage cotton fabric, I wasn't sure if the colours of the vintage cotton fabric would go with the rust colour, or if it might look a bit outdated, but I am so so pleased!.. and I REALLY want to keep it for myself, mainly because I don't have anymore of the vintage daisy fabric, so it's the only one in existance!.. but I'm being good, and it is now for sale. .. and I absolutely adore the back, it's so cute!

Saturday, 16 February 2008

What is Qassia? A Writers bliss.

Someone on the Etsy forums mentioned a website called Qassia as a marketing tool and anything business related always catches my attention, so I just had to have a look!

To cut it (very) short, Qassia is a website where users can publish any information of their choice.
(Read the following if you want to learn a bit more, although my above sentence would suffice for those with low attention spans.)

"Qassia is sometimes confused with sites like Wikipedia, Squidoo, most recently, Google knol. Qassia is fundamentally different from these sites, because Qassia is not about asking people to upload authoritative articles. You don't need to be an egghead at Qassia. You could upload a lengthy academic treatise if you want, by all means, but you can also get away with contributing a hastily scribbled tidbit of information about a person, a company, a place, an event, a thing, or anything you know about.
What we value is intelligence about the people, companies, and places around you. The people and places do not have to be famous, and the intelligence does not have to be earth-shattering.
Qassia isn't a wiki. Your intel will not get edited (it will get rated, but not edited). You can write your intel in any tone or style you like. You can write in the first person, and you can write your entire intel without using the shift key. "

For example, you could publish amazing recipes (remember the word 'amazing', please don't clutter the website with how to fry an egg), write about people - dead/alive/anyone, companies (did you buy from a certain company and was/wasn't impressed with their service, let us know!), good shopping places, restaurants.. the list can go on. I've only been registered for 2 hours and I'm sure there's a lot more for me to learn.

This site is perfect for those who just like to write and that's how I often feel. When I was doing my 8,000 word dissertation at University (which was about how new patterns of leisure and entertainment influenced 1920s fashion - surprise surprise), I loved every moment and would gladly do another! However, I don't think my blog is suitable for just a load of writing, I'm sure it would be a bit boring and not to everyone's taste!.. which is why the site is so good, people can search for what they want to read.

I know this is getting very wordy now!.. so if you want to join the site, you can sign up via my profile as it is currently only accepting referred people.

Thursday, 14 February 2008


Something I didn't state about my previous post about my obsession with dresses is that I pretty much buy one (or more) everytime I leave my house.
My most recent is this midnight blue sequined, (I don't know who decided for that to be spelt with one 'n', it really should have two in my opinion) 1920s style, drop waist, fringed flapper dress! I only bought it because it was on sale in Topshop for £20/$40 and I would most definitely have not bought it for its retail price - £100/$200. I guess I mainly bought it because of my love for the 1920s and this dress seemed to have my favourite elements about 1920s dress. I love sequins, but a lot of sequins in mainstream fashion can look really tacky, but the midnight blue of these looked very elegant (The second image shows its true colour). I also love the fringe detail, which I haven't seen much in mainsteam fashion, probably because people might feel they're a bit 'outdated'.
I don't always buy dresses to wear, I buy them just to collect aswell (what I had in mind for this dress), but the latter usually applies to vintage. So, when I got home, I tried it on 'just to see', and it had such a wonderful fit and I had the biggest urge to start doing the Charleston, if only I knew how. I would definitely tie a piece of black ribbon around my waist though (I pinned it to my dummy and fitted the waist so you can see - theres a bit of the back showing too!), as dropped waist styles aren't very flattering unless worn with 6" heels to even out the proportions!

I thought I should add, the dress is by Kate Moss, for her collection with Topshop, I always thought it was over-rated and didn't understand what all the fuss was about, but with this dress, I am quite impressed, although I still would not have bought it for its original price! Also, as it was on the Sale rack, there are a LOT of sequins missing (if you've been to a Topshop Sale, you'll understand why), which I will restore once I find the correct colour.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Indecisive Aquarian.

I don't think I've ever posted twice in the same day, so this is big news. The dress was on my stand, behind me, but it was starting to really hit a nerve everytime I looked at it.

It was the bow. The bow was annoying me, I could see it annoying me when worn, just like how a polo neck top does (I absolutely cannot wear them) and something about the overall look of the dress didn't look in sync, it needed adjusting. I just had to change it. Now I'm happy with it, for now.

Getting back to Fashion.

I absolutely love dresses, I wear them all the time. I love the fact it is just one piece of clothing and a complete outfit all-in-one. If I'm not wearing dresses, (which is getting rarer and rarer) it takes me absolutely ages figuring out what top to wear or what jeans/skirt to wear.
So, I wanted to share my obsession and in the past couple of weeks, I have been gathering lots of my unused fabrics and also buying some more to make some dresses to sell in my Etsy shop! While I had all my fabrics sprawled out, three instantly caught my eye, navy crepe de chine, navy and ivory plaid georgette and just for a bit of pizazz, cerise crepe de chine!
This is the first dress I made for my Etsy Shop, completely from scratch (well actually, I made another but the fit wasn't correct so had to cut into it to sort the problem out, and to apply it to my pattern).. I wanted definitive waist emphasis, as that's mainly the sort of style I personally like, but also keeping it light and airy, so you can still run for the bus if you need to! I prefer sleeveless styles as then you have the option of layering without it being too stuffy and you could easily wear it whatever the season! The dresses I own can be worn all year round, day or night... they are so convenient!! Also, I don't really like fastenings, I like dresses to be like t-shirts, where you just pop on and go! This dress is pretty much ready for wearing, although I only just need to double hem the three tiered skirt section, hemming takes so long so I leave it last!
.. but (there's always a but)... in the last second of it being completely finished, I cut a miniscule hole! Luckily, it's only in the lining (completely invisible from the outside) and I patched it up, but now I think I will just keep it for myself... or I might sell it discounted... I'm unsure... but I would like to keep it for myself... and at this rate, am I ever going to have any dresses for sale?

Monday, 11 February 2008

Clothing labels.

I ordered some custom clothing labels a few weeks ago from Etsy shop, JennifersJewels, they recently arrived and I am so pleased with them! They look so cute and even better than I imagined them to be. I designed them myself with my deco lady illustrations and favourite colours. This has definitely motivated me even more to get a move on with my dresses, admittedly, I have been seriously procrastinating with them as I didn't have clothing labels so I couldn't have done anything with them even if they were done.. (I know, pathetic reason).

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

More ACEOs.

I know I know.. I am always going on about it! But, I have recently bought some more and just had to share! I accidently came across steel on the Etsy forums and adored her artwork, but I couldn't see any ACEOs listed in her shop! This was a definite end-of-the-world scenario.

So, to save myself from oblivion, I decided to cheekily ask if she could make me some! Luckily, she was very familiar with ACEOs and was happy to do this for me. She also directed me to her website, which features even more of her work and made choosing so much harder for me and I could've easily spent about £50/$100. I quickly picked the ones that I absolutely had to have, therefore resulting in 5 ACEOs which will soon be on their way to me! I can't wait to add them to my Little Book of Art!!! ...and I will also, eventually get the others that I wanted, it's not so bad if you spread it out, is it?.. These are the two that first caught my eye in her shop, 'Black Widow' and 'Exterior'. Amazing artwork.
And here is my custom listing, they look absolutely perfect!! So remember, if you really want something, don't be shy to ask for it!