Saturday, 30 August 2008

Pocket mirrors and stickers.

I had asked for some opinions on which pocket mirror design I should get to sell in my Etsy shop in this blog entry, and the winner was clearly the full length figured one, so thank you so much for all your responses and here they are!I also added a tint of green to the blue background, as I had mentioned in my previous entry... you probably can't tell the difference, but I'm so glad I had been picky about it because I love them so much more now.
At the same time of ordering my pocket mirrors that-I-have-wanted-forever, I decided to order some circle stickers too, to act as a sealer for some of my packages. I had been using smaller ones which you can see here, but decided on these bigger ones instead!The pocket mirrors are now on sale in my Etsy shop here, in my newly created section of nuvonova merchandise! I decided to utilise my illustration even more and use her on a variety of other products, such as a notecard and envelope set which is also on sale in my shop and includes my new stickers as an extra embellishment and sealer. I have many more ideas for her, but you will need to wait and see!Now, as promised, I am to reveal my source for these goodies! You can get your own pocket mirrors, stickers and so much more at!!! This is a UK based company, the service is incredible, they patiently and very politely replied to the million questions I had to ask before purchasing, and they have a super-fast turnaround time. I feel like this is the only professional UK site available for these products, I could not find any others, and I won't be looking anymore now that I have found awesomebadges!

Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Tudors - Series 2.

This started a few weeks ago in the UK and it has been amazing! If you haven't watched The Tudors at all, you definitely should! I was so sad when it finished last year with producers unsure whether it would be continued, but I am so glad it has!Not only that, they have recently stated that the show has done so well, that they will now be going through all of Henry VIII's wives! I was so happy to learn of this, however, after finishing the wonderful book by Phillipa Gregory, 'The Constant Princess' a couple of months ago, which is about Katherine of Aragon (Henry's first wife), I feel that it would've been great to see more of her in the show, as the show primarily began with focus around Henry and Anne Boleyn.
I have also found out that Joss Stone will be playing Anne of Cleves in the third season... I am looking forward to seeing her in this role because I really can't imagine it... I hope she does not disappoint because the current cast is perfect.
I especially love watching The Tudors just to see the costumes! I have been blown away at what I have seen. My favourite so far has been this pom-pom head piece worn by Anne Boleyn.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Fabric Buttons.

I've been making fabric buttons for a while now and I just love it! They're such an easy way to embellish items and I think it's sweet when the button matches the item it is put on. For example, a simple blouse with matching buttons along the placket! However, I have a ton of fabric, ready for me to cut and wrap around a button... but, I have been so busy and I know I'm never going to get round to making the million buttons I had in mind, therefore I will be listing lots of fabric scraps here in my Etsy shop, where you can make your own buttons or any other fabric goods.Each bundle is only £2.50 ($5)... and you can probably get about 100 buttons from each bundle....Also, being the person I am, I really enjoyed getting them all together and wrapping them with ribbon! Don't they look cute!

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Red Shoes.

I have bought myself some new shoes! They're called SQUEEK and are from Topshop and as soon as I saw them, knew that I had to have them! They also came in black and in purple, but black was a bit boring and I was worried purple wouldn't go with a few of my outfits. The price isn't too bad at £55 ($110) because I know I will wear them very often... I haven't properly worn them out yet but they felt very comfortable when I walked around the Topshop shop floor for 10 minutes!I wear dresses pretty much all of the time, and when I buy dresses, I like them to be versatile so that I could potentially wear them both in the day and night. I have bought these shoes for the purpose of doing the same thing, the style is quite 'smart' with a decent heel height, but the grosgrain bow adds a touch of quirkiness to it (and I love bows!), I also feel that red is such a great colour to wear overall.The only downside to the shoes is that I don't think they will cope well in the rain as they are suede, but I love suede so I just have to risk it! I also love patent, but I feel this style would lose the look I wanted if it was in patent,... I think it would have to be more of a Mary-Jane style (with a t-bar detail and buckle) to work.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Looking for opinions.

I have ordered some sample mirrors to sell in my Etsy Shop and have received them today! I love them both, but would like to know what the rest of you think... which is your favourite? If you really can't decide, it's OK to let me know that you like both... or hate! I think I'm going to make the blue a bit greenier too.I will also let you know where I got them from once I make my big order! I couldn't believe that I finally found a UK supplier of custom pocket mirrors that accepts a small order... I am so relieved that I am going to make a real big hoo-ha about it and make sure everyone knows where to go to get them!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Star Trek.

My boyfriend is a huge Star Trek fanatic and bought the whole of The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine on DVD. I wasn't sure why he had bought them as he had seen them all already as he was growing up, but I just assumed it was one of those classic DVDs to own. Little did I know, he planned to convert me to Star Trek-ism! I adore all Sci-Fi/fantasy programs/films but with Star Trek, I had a big problem with. When I was little, my older brother never let me watch what I wanted to because it always coincided with Star Trek, and over the years, I developed a big disliking for it. I gave up arguing with my brother and his selfishness and disliked Star Trek ever since.I was very adamant that I would not watch it, but eventually, he persuaded me to give it a try... and yes, I really enjoyed it!!! Deanna Troi is one of my favourite characters, and having now reached the final season of the entire series, I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing how her costume and hair has evolved throughout. I think I'll eventually make a Superheroine entry on her, I have been seriously neglecting that category!My boyfriend and I also watched some of the Special Features that came with the box set, and I was surprised when Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi) was on screen, in casual 1980's clothes, speaking with a British accent! You get so caught up with the on-screen characters that you actually start believing that's how they actually are. She explains how she made up the accent for her character which I thought was amazing! Amazing to keep it up for seven years! But then again, I think the Data character is one of the most amazing and also most hilarious.I have also noticed how a lot of major fashion houses use Star Trek as inspiration for their collections, I recognised many of the costumes being used on fashion catwalks, many which are almost identical. I truly believe that Star Trek is the only program with the most innovative costume, ever... and I forget that it was filmed in most of the 1980's, until the crew is in casual clothing, and that's when I see hints of 1980's fashion although I also see some effort in trying to conceal it!
We are now 7 episodes away from completing the entire The Next Generation... and I am wondering how I will find Deep Space Nine.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008


This is my 101 blog entry! That's a lot of words! I was actually meant to make a fuss about the big one hundred but I forgot, and decided to talk about stickers instead.

So, to celebrate my 101 blog entry, I am copying and pasting my very first blog entry, which was short, silly, sarcastic, picture-less and completely untrue.

Friday, 28 December 2007
First day of blogging.

Today is the day I have created this blog, I have decided that this blog will strictly be from the creative side of my brain, to illustrate my creative notions and progress and to also include other creative souls.

Nobody wants to know what you had for dinner.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

MOO Stickers.

I really wanted some stickers to put my little red-lipped-blue-lady on and to use it to seal some of my packaging of items that I had sold, but a lot of places I was looking in was ridiculously expensive or I would need to order a very large amount to get them for a better price. MOO stickers were the perfect option as they came in small quantities, are great quality and I also had a 20% discount code from them which made me buy two packs!They arrived some time last week and I'm very pleased with them! One of them went straight onto a package I was getting ready to send off and it worked well.However, I think I might save my little MOOs for smaller things, and to get larger, round stickers for the larger packaging, like the one above. I have found a great place for this actually, which you will have to wait until I get them to see where!

Friday, 8 August 2008


So I finally watched this film! I was so busy when it was showing at the cinema and completely missed it, but as I am subscribed with LOVEFiLM, I eventually got it sent to me!

It was different to what I expected, it was a lot longer than most films, 3 hours I think, and it was also quite cleverly filmed... for example, a scene would be shown, and the same scene would be shown again, but from a different perspective. I didn't realise this was happening at the start and thought there was something wrong with the DVD! But I was quick to catch on! Also, it showed scenarios, that didn't happen, just scenarios that 'could've' happened, scenarios that 'would've' been nice if they happened. Am I totally confusing you? It was very clever though!

I thought there would be more clothing to analyse, as 'the green dress' was raved about so much, so I expected some more beautiful costumes. I'm not complaining though! Life isn't all about Fashion! The green dress was however, very beautiful, but I think it was over-rated and that it is only 'special' because Keira Knightley's character Cecelia was wearing it at such a crucial point of the entire film.

The little girl in the film, Briony (Saoirse Ronan), whose actions are formed around by the film, was played oh so very well, and oh so excruciatingly annoying and frustrating to watch. You have to watch it to know what I mean. She was the perfect girl for the role.

Overall, fantastic film, Keira Knightley and James McAvoy were brilliant, but it had such a sad ending. Although, isn't a bad thing, the film does make me realise that too many films have happy endings.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

More pouches and new pouches.

I've been making my custom printed pouches for a while now and I have done quite a few, so I decided to add a new page to my website to showcase them!I've also been making some more for myself, as I have noticed that I end up scrabbling to make them when I make a sale in my Etsy Shop, but it's a lot more logical to have some already prepared!I have also been experimenting with a new range of pouches! This time, instead of being on calico, I have decided to transfer my name directly onto pre-made organza pouches.I think they look quite cute, but I'm not sure about the residue left from the transfer. I might try it again with a coloured background to avoid stay tuned!

Sunday, 3 August 2008

...and some more Vintage Goodies!

I have some new pieces of Vintage jewellery to show you! First up is a simple goldtone bracelet with little bows entwined to make up the entire bracelet.I will wear this once I can get my father to take some of the bows off for me as it is too long... and then maybe make some matching earrings out of the spare ones....and here we have one of my most favourite finds! It is a photo charm bracelet, I'd never seen anything like it.It has an embellished heart and opens up to reveal four sections for you to place photos in!I've also already attached some jump rings onto them for when I find some nice charms to put onto the bracelet... because you can never find a jump ring when you need one, can you? I think I might change them to a more brassier looking gold, the ones I have may be a little bit too yellow!
I think all of my vintage jewellery finds have been from eBay so far. So go on, have a browse!

Friday, 1 August 2008

More flip flops.

So the sun shining beaming down in London has prompted me to buy yet another pair of sandals. (OK they're really flip flops, but it's such an unattractive word!)I got them from Accessorize (a UK multiple fashion retailer) for only £10 ($20)! I hadn't usually shopped there until recently and have quickly (and personally) come to realise that they actually have the best sandals and flip flop offers, with a high comfortability factor. After the sandals I got from Topshop (see my previous entry), I really wanted something comfortable and pretty at the same time... and even though I said I would wear the Topshop ones when I didn't need to walk much, well, that doesn't really work when you a)haven't got a car yet, b)the cheapest way to get around London is by Underground and walking... and c)the booming fuel prices make it pointless to start driving altogether!

Let's get back to my new sandals! They're called 'Multi Strand Gem Flip Flops' and are made of Sea grass which makes it comfortable to walk in for long periods of time as the footbed is soft and bouncy! You can see them in a better light and get them here. They're also available in a Pewter colour, here.

Unfortunately, only UK customers can purchase via the site, but if you're not from the UK and you're one of my lovely, regular blog readers, I'd be happy to be the middle person and send them to you!... although you would need to pay the delivery of course! You can contact me via my website to discuss this further.