Saturday, 31 January 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today, I am 24 with nothing else to say and would like to leave you with one of my most favourite photos of my muse, Clara Bow.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

ACEOs for my Birthday.

It's my 24th birthday on the 31st, and my boyfriend decided to let me choose what I really wanted this time regardless of whether he 'thought it was good' or not, ... this came in the form of ACEOs! We are complete opposites, I'm in Fashion Design and he's currently doing a degree in Astrophysics, so bless him for thinking that a reproduction of a piece of art measuring 3.5" x 2.5" for around £2-4 ($4-6) is 'expensive'. He is also very practical, he got me a laptop last year so I can see why it can be a bit painful for him to get me things that will just be sitting in a book.
Anyway, I ordered the biggest lot I've ever bought from one artist, but was disappointed with the quality and the artist was happy to give me a full refund so that's fine. Therefore, I still had the money to get ACEOs! I went straight to someone I have bought from before, TheBrilliantMagpie. Here are the two beauties I received a few days ago that are now sitting with the others:

I am still waiting for some more to arrive from other artists although I think it will go past my actual birth-day, but that's OK! I will keep you updated!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium & My Blueberry Nights - Film Review

I wouldn't usually do two film reviews in one blog entry, but because they both have the same actress in them, Natalie Portman, and also because one of them was excruciatingly painful to watch, I'm keeping it short! This film I write about is Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium. I can't believe how sucked into the trailer I was when it was released... I am just so glad I didn't waste my money going to the cinema to watch it, and waited for LOVEFiLM to send it to me instead. Even so, it was a waste of a rental!It was boring from the very first second, Natalie Portman's character was incredibly plain and annoying. I was very disappointed with this as I usually love all her characters. So I think it's clear that I prefer it when she is playing more dramatic characters, such as Anne Boleyn in The Other Boleyn Girl, Evie in V for Vendetta, Queen Amidala in Star Wars etc etc... I absolutely would never recommend this film, not even for kids.

Next up, My Blueberry Nights. I wasn't sure if I even wanted to watch this film, but when I was browsing LOVEFiLM to add some films to my rental list, I decided to give it a shot, especially as the lead character was played by the singer, Nora Jones. I am always curious to see if people who are not primarily actors, can act. One example that just doesn't work is Joss Stone... but I'll leave that for another review. However, I was impressed, she was actually really good.

Jude Law plays her love interest and I wasn't so keen on his character, luckily, he wasn't in it much. My Blueberry Nights is about a young woman who is heartbroken, ends up in a cafe run by Jude Law's character, and they become friends. They eat Blueberry pie each evening - which is the only pie left at the end of the day as nobody else likes it. I suppose this is significant enough to become the film title, as it is the only time they get to spend together - while sharing Blueberry pie. Anyway, although Nora Jones was good, I felt Natalie Portman and Rachel Weisz's characters gave the film more punch, although unfortunately I would only class their roles as 'cameos'. I would only recommend this film if you can't find anything else to watch.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

My Honey Bow Dress.

I mentioned in earlier blog entries that I would make a piece of clothing every weekend, but it really isn't happening! However, I've still been quite consistent with making them. This is my newest edition, the Honey Bow Dress. Admittedly, I did cheat a bit with this one! It isn't made from complete scratch. The dress is actually vintage, and was originally floor length. So I chopped a big chunk out of it to sweeten it up and so that you could wear it as a tunic or as a mini dress.I then made a bow out of some honey coloured crushed velvet and fastened it to the front (like many of my styles!). Just to finish it off, I used the fabric button covering technique I had put on my blog and covered a button with some of the fabric I had chopped off earlier to embellish the bow!I'm really tempted to keep this dress, but if it sells I can buy more wonderful fabrics to play with! So, as a self-compromise, I'm letting it run its 4 month course in my Etsy Shop so if/when it expires, I am snapping it up! I think it would be a great dress to wear with my Red Bow Shoes. Talk about bow-overload!

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Cameos. Part II.

After blogging for over a year now, I have noticed that I am quite consistent in my content because I often refer back to past blog entries, as they just happen to tie in with what I am currently blogging about... I quite like that, although I hope I am not becoming predictable! I do like to vary my entries.
So, this is of course a Part II entry on cameos. Part I is here if you want to read it.
It is my boyfriend's nan's birthday this month, and I wanted to get her something really really nice, because she is like a second mother to me. I decided to look on Etsy but nothing really popped out. I then checked my favourites and found this beautiful wall vase by dgordon.

It has an impressed image of a Gibson Girl (typical cameo imagery) which I thought was such a clever and unique idea! The background is then decorated with a lace pattern. I remembered that I had saved it many months ago for myself, but I just don't have anywhere to put it right now. Anyway, my boyfriend's nan absolutely loves cameos (just like me!) and really takes care of her house and garden, so I knew she would find a way to use and display it beautifully. It was shipped to me very quickly and I was blown away by the detail. I wanted to keep it for myself... don't you hate it when that happens!

When I eventually get my own place, I think I will kindly ask dgordon to make me 10 of these so I can line them all along a wall with a sweet little flower popping up from each one! Or, maybe I will get her entire Gibson Girl range - I love them!

Friday, 16 January 2009


I have finally joined this site. I have been reading about it for months and months but I absolutely hate signing up to something that is just for one thing. For example, Google is fine, I have my blog, some groups, and it is just generally pretty useful. However, because I love the 1920s, I accidentally stumbled across hundreds of 1920s images on Flickr and I found so many more inspirational images. It's like a huge moodboard. I then tried to see how many Clara Bow images were there, and wow, there were so many! I thought I was the only person who admired her, most people usually lean more towards Louise Brooks when they think of a 1920s girl. The Clara Bow and other 1920s images convinced me to sign up. Feel free to add me as a contact if you're some sort of creative person with exciting images!

Here is my newly made photostream:

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

New Moon & Eclipse - Book Review

As you probably know, I am having a slight obsession with Twilight. So of course, after having read the first installment and watched the film, I have now completed the next two books. I read them both straight after the other so thought I should review them both together! You can read my very long review on the first book and film here, which I think next time I will do separately!
I try to think about why I have been warped into the whole Twilight 'phenomenon' so much, I seem to really love the story even though it is aimed at a much younger audience and (after being pointed out), it is quite poorly written! I am seeing errors everywhere now! The whole story is also very 'simple' and quite predictable, but I still love it! I will continue to ponder this.

New Moon starts off with Bella's 18Th birthday party at the Cullens'. While opening a present, she gives herself a paper cut and Jasper is close to killing her. This incident provokes the Cullens' to move away to ensure Bella's safety. Bella then sinks into a deep depression which roughly covers the first half of the book and is just a bit boring to read. Her friendship with Jacob blossoms and he helps bring her out of her shell... although this was a bit more exciting to read, it still didn't have the punch that Twilight had.
As I continued reading about these two teenagers, it suddenly occurred to me that without the presence of any vampires, I started to feel too old for the book. However, a few revelations about Jacob and his heritage helps to overcome this. The last few chapters of the book introduces us to the Volturi, which are vampire 'police', making sure that vampires from all over the world are not exposing themselves. If there are any problems, they quickly resolve it. I loved this introduction to an elite group of vampires, and Stephenie Meyer's descriptions of them all. I look forward to seeing what actors are chosen for the New Moon film. I think this was the most exciting part of the book, and I hope the film embraces these new, important characters.

Eclipse was a lot better then New Moon, everyone is all back in Forks... and I mean everyone, so there is a lot of action! Bella discovers some new emotions and secrets... it's all very interesting. However, in regards to character development and dialogue, I found it extremely inconsistent throughout all three books. She says things that I can't imagine her saying, or maybe she is saying things that I can't imagine Bella Swan-from-the-film saying? This is the same with the other characters... for example, Edward Cullen is asking Bella why her car radio is in her bedroom, all mangled up, she answers him, and he says "you killed it". This is something my 12 year old sister says all the time when referring to messing something up... and definitely not something I imagine a vampire who is over a century old to say... I don't quite know what I would expect him to, but definitely not that. Alternatively, maybe he is adapting to modern language/slang? It's hard to tell but maybe Midnight Sun (the to-be-finished book told from Edwards' point of view) could shed some light on this. Overall, I found this to be a very enjoyable book with lots of progress within the story, I think it would make a fantastic film. I am now waiting on my Amazon delivery of Breaking Dawn!

Sunday, 11 January 2009

My New Faux Fur Coat.

I've wanted a fur coat for a while now, but I could never find one anywhere! I even constantly browsed eBay hoping something would crop up, but no luck! So when the whole sale frenzy started, and I got an email from Miss Selfridge to 'come and browse the sales' on their website, I did... and yes, I found a lovely fur coat and it was on sale from £65/$99 to £30/$45!It has a lovely vintage look to it and it is so so warm!! ... However, I haven't worn it out yet, I feel that because I am petite, I need to wear really high heels to balance the proportions out... but there hasn't been a time and place for that yet.

Saturday, 10 January 2009


I adore t-bar shoes, I think they just look so sweet, and I specifically like the mid-heeled ones as they are so much more practical for everyday wear, compared to if they were 4" high! I've wanted some for ages but there was always something little I didn't like with the ones I found. Toe too pointy, funny shaped heel, nice overall shape - shame about the material... etc...So, when I came across some perfect looking ones on online fashion store, I had to get them. They were only £16/$25 (on sale)...which my friend actually decided to get for me for Christmas as I was going on about them for ages! They're very comfortable around the house as it's been a bit too cold for me to wear them out. ASOS are having a big sale at the moment, so if you are looking for some bargains, definitely check it out! I loved that they were patent black as it gave the sweet shape a bit of edge and if they were matte, I think I would feel like I was wearing school shoes! I plan to sometimes emphasize the t-bar by wearing contrasting socks or tights, such as my polka dot ones!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

A Year Of Collecting ACEOs.

ACEO's are simply pieces of art where the only rule is that they have to measure 2.5" x 3.5". I love art, but I don't put them on my walls because I can get bored of seeing the same thing everyday... the only thing I have on my wall is my calendar. So the small, compact size of ACEO's allows me to keep them 'hidden' away in an album I made, so that they are fresh to my eyes whenever I look at them again! I also find that it is a good way to get a 'sample' from an artist, if ever you want something bigger in the future.

It's been exactly a year since I discovered and started collecting ACEO's, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to showcase my current collection!










Saturday, 3 January 2009


Ingeniouslycreative is a fellow Etsy seller who I feel offers a range of some of the most unique products you will ever come across on Etsy. She has a truly marvelous imagination! I think I first came across her shop over a year ago and her quirky hand-sculpted clay faces got my attention. I knew I would buy something from her one day... that day came last week and beautifully wrapped too!I got these beautiful rings... which I know are not conventionally pretty. Her description makes a note of having the courage to wear it publicly, which really made me laugh because I could not think of one person I knew who would dare wear it, apart from myself!My boyfriend was with me at the time I was purchasing it and just didn't understand what I found so appealing and cute about them! It was actually quite funny. I can't explain it but I'm sure it's my love for all things fantasy that makes me so open and constantly adoring quirky objects!... I can imagine a beautiful, evil sorceress wearing it, and the ring speaks to her, a type of sidekick... now wouldn't that be a fantastic film character?!
I'm contemplating getting a full-faced one that I quite like, with the eyelids shut...but I have a feeling my imagination would get the better of me and I would freak myself out by thinking the eyelids would suddenly flicker open and look at me!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year, New Idea.

I always try to come up with new ideas to design, make and sell in my Etsy Shop and as it has gradually turned into a 'weekend hobby' since starting my fashion design internship, I want it to be the place where all the ideas swimming around in my head are realised (before they are forgotten!) and as if I owned my own little boutique. So, the new year had brought on a new idea!I had been selling advent pouches for the run up to Christmas which did very well, so I thought, why not have pouches that counts down each day of the month. Whether it's counting down the last week of a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, Valentines day... anything and everything! And just so that I felt I was 'moving forward' with the product, I decided to make them in white cotton drill fabric and to have only the numbers 1-31 printed on them so the user is not limited by month, making the pouches functional all year round.