Sunday, 25 January 2009

ACEOs for my Birthday.

It's my 24th birthday on the 31st, and my boyfriend decided to let me choose what I really wanted this time regardless of whether he 'thought it was good' or not, ... this came in the form of ACEOs! We are complete opposites, I'm in Fashion Design and he's currently doing a degree in Astrophysics, so bless him for thinking that a reproduction of a piece of art measuring 3.5" x 2.5" for around £2-4 ($4-6) is 'expensive'. He is also very practical, he got me a laptop last year so I can see why it can be a bit painful for him to get me things that will just be sitting in a book.
Anyway, I ordered the biggest lot I've ever bought from one artist, but was disappointed with the quality and the artist was happy to give me a full refund so that's fine. Therefore, I still had the money to get ACEOs! I went straight to someone I have bought from before, TheBrilliantMagpie. Here are the two beauties I received a few days ago that are now sitting with the others:

I am still waiting for some more to arrive from other artists although I think it will go past my actual birth-day, but that's OK! I will keep you updated!

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