Saturday, 3 January 2009


Ingeniouslycreative is a fellow Etsy seller who I feel offers a range of some of the most unique products you will ever come across on Etsy. She has a truly marvelous imagination! I think I first came across her shop over a year ago and her quirky hand-sculpted clay faces got my attention. I knew I would buy something from her one day... that day came last week and beautifully wrapped too!I got these beautiful rings... which I know are not conventionally pretty. Her description makes a note of having the courage to wear it publicly, which really made me laugh because I could not think of one person I knew who would dare wear it, apart from myself!My boyfriend was with me at the time I was purchasing it and just didn't understand what I found so appealing and cute about them! It was actually quite funny. I can't explain it but I'm sure it's my love for all things fantasy that makes me so open and constantly adoring quirky objects!... I can imagine a beautiful, evil sorceress wearing it, and the ring speaks to her, a type of sidekick... now wouldn't that be a fantastic film character?!
I'm contemplating getting a full-faced one that I quite like, with the eyelids shut...but I have a feeling my imagination would get the better of me and I would freak myself out by thinking the eyelids would suddenly flicker open and look at me!
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