Sunday, 18 January 2009

My Honey Bow Dress.

I mentioned in earlier blog entries that I would make a piece of clothing every weekend, but it really isn't happening! However, I've still been quite consistent with making them. This is my newest edition, the Honey Bow Dress. Admittedly, I did cheat a bit with this one! It isn't made from complete scratch. The dress is actually vintage, and was originally floor length. So I chopped a big chunk out of it to sweeten it up and so that you could wear it as a tunic or as a mini dress.I then made a bow out of some honey coloured crushed velvet and fastened it to the front (like many of my styles!). Just to finish it off, I used the fabric button covering technique I had put on my blog and covered a button with some of the fabric I had chopped off earlier to embellish the bow!I'm really tempted to keep this dress, but if it sells I can buy more wonderful fabrics to play with! So, as a self-compromise, I'm letting it run its 4 month course in my Etsy Shop so if/when it expires, I am snapping it up! I think it would be a great dress to wear with my Red Bow Shoes. Talk about bow-overload!
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