Wednesday, 14 January 2009

New Moon & Eclipse - Book Review

As you probably know, I am having a slight obsession with Twilight. So of course, after having read the first installment and watched the film, I have now completed the next two books. I read them both straight after the other so thought I should review them both together! You can read my very long review on the first book and film here, which I think next time I will do separately!
I try to think about why I have been warped into the whole Twilight 'phenomenon' so much, I seem to really love the story even though it is aimed at a much younger audience and (after being pointed out), it is quite poorly written! I am seeing errors everywhere now! The whole story is also very 'simple' and quite predictable, but I still love it! I will continue to ponder this.

New Moon starts off with Bella's 18Th birthday party at the Cullens'. While opening a present, she gives herself a paper cut and Jasper is close to killing her. This incident provokes the Cullens' to move away to ensure Bella's safety. Bella then sinks into a deep depression which roughly covers the first half of the book and is just a bit boring to read. Her friendship with Jacob blossoms and he helps bring her out of her shell... although this was a bit more exciting to read, it still didn't have the punch that Twilight had.
As I continued reading about these two teenagers, it suddenly occurred to me that without the presence of any vampires, I started to feel too old for the book. However, a few revelations about Jacob and his heritage helps to overcome this. The last few chapters of the book introduces us to the Volturi, which are vampire 'police', making sure that vampires from all over the world are not exposing themselves. If there are any problems, they quickly resolve it. I loved this introduction to an elite group of vampires, and Stephenie Meyer's descriptions of them all. I look forward to seeing what actors are chosen for the New Moon film. I think this was the most exciting part of the book, and I hope the film embraces these new, important characters.

Eclipse was a lot better then New Moon, everyone is all back in Forks... and I mean everyone, so there is a lot of action! Bella discovers some new emotions and secrets... it's all very interesting. However, in regards to character development and dialogue, I found it extremely inconsistent throughout all three books. She says things that I can't imagine her saying, or maybe she is saying things that I can't imagine Bella Swan-from-the-film saying? This is the same with the other characters... for example, Edward Cullen is asking Bella why her car radio is in her bedroom, all mangled up, she answers him, and he says "you killed it". This is something my 12 year old sister says all the time when referring to messing something up... and definitely not something I imagine a vampire who is over a century old to say... I don't quite know what I would expect him to, but definitely not that. Alternatively, maybe he is adapting to modern language/slang? It's hard to tell but maybe Midnight Sun (the to-be-finished book told from Edwards' point of view) could shed some light on this. Overall, I found this to be a very enjoyable book with lots of progress within the story, I think it would make a fantastic film. I am now waiting on my Amazon delivery of Breaking Dawn!
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