Thursday, 12 February 2009

Breaking Dawn - Book Review.

Some of you may have noticed my never-ending blog entries on the Twilight Saga which (if you so dare) in order of publishing, can be read here, here, and here... but now, I have reached the end! I'm going to try and only mention what I really want to because I can honestly go on for ages!... but I was quite impressed with this last installment. Disregarding the endless grammar mistakes (I'm sure I'm not so perfect either, but I do try!) which really started to irritate me to the point of wanting to note them all down, emailing Stephenie Meyer and asking if they really were supposed to be there, the development of the story was very good. Without sounding cliche, I really felt it was the beginning, rather then the end... although I am being biased because this is the installment when Bella, our narrator, becomes a vampire. So, as you can imagine, it is very exciting to read.

Before starting Breaking Dawn, I 'accidentally' read that Bella becomes pregnant while she is still human. This made me curious in exactly how Stephenie Meyer would tackle the subject of human and vampire having sex - with the book largely aimed at children. I cringed at the thought of ending one chapter with the two lovers kissing, and starting the next chapter with news she was pregnant - something you would read in the problem pages of a teen magazine; "Can I get pregnant through kissing?".
However, I think Stephenie did a good job with this 'sensitive' part of the story, but depending on the age and upbringing of the reader, I'm still not certain if they would clearly understand what had happened. Nevertheless, I think it's only a small issue.

There were things I questioned while reading each book, such as where the Cullen's get all their money. My first thought was selling off antiques collected from centuries ago, but it was later revealed in the second book that it was through Alice Cullen's foresight of the stock market... I think I prefer my own, more anonymous idea. Unfortunately, some of my minor-but-still-would've-liked-to-see-it-mentioned-questions were never answered. One in particular, is Bella's time of the month. This is such a common teenage thing, over-exaggeration of pains, mood-swings etc etc... so I was surprised that Stephenie/Bella never mentioned it... although there was a brief nod to it when discovering she was pregnant. I also wanted to know if she would become more 'potent' to vampires while menstruating? I know this is such a bizarre topic to bring up, but I think it is totally relevant! While getting to know Bella, I could totally imagine her fretting about something like this. It's all about the detail! My thoughts on why there is no mention of this is because when I was 17/18 years old, it was still very much a taboo... and Twilight fans go much younger then 17.

Another main thing I wanted to read about was a vampire's death. Stephenie Meyer describes that for a vampire to properly die, they have to be ripped to pieces and burnt. Fine. But what happens when they are ripped apart? Do they have liquid in their bodies? Venom?...Slime? Have I missed something in the book? I would've loved to read the execution of a vampire in more detail - but I assume that this area is not further explored due to the target age group.

Overall, the Twilight Saga is a great story... and I only have one more Twilight-related blog entry to make and I promise there won't be any more!... until the second film comes out!
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