Tuesday, 24 February 2009


I must admit that a lot of the things in my room are either from IKEA or Muji... I just can't help buying from these places, they're like an addiction and I love seeing their new offerings.
Muji hadn't changed for a very very long time, but I still enjoyed browsing the same things. I loved opening and closing (sorry, I know that's quite annoying!) the acrylic storage boxes, flicking through the recycled brown and charcoal coloured stationery products, and testing out the pens like I'd never seen one before. However, this time, I spotted a whole new section, which really stood out. Amongst the brown recycled folders and the charcoal recycled folders, was a very strange white section. These folders were recycled (of course) from milk cartons! I loved it instantly as I'd never seen or heard of this before... I mean, I'm sure milk cartons get recycled all the time, but to use it as a marketing/promotional tool was very interesting to me!

I bought it because my old-enough-to-know-better (25) brother did not know how to open a lever arch folder and broke mine (which was part of a set of 4 blue ones) by prying the rings apart... instead of using the lever - duh. So, as that set was ruined and I'll never be able to get the exact same one again, I went for a new colour! I loved the little details it has, like the metal brackets to protect the bottom and corners - although I wish they had edged the side hole too which I only noticed because my other lever arch folders have them and because they're usually edged to stop them from wearing down (when you pull them off the shelf).

As it is such a large, plain surface, I just had to use one of my blue lady MOO Stickers to embellish it. It is tempting to get a few more of these folders because a block of them all side by side would look so clean, so minimal, so slick...but at £6.95/$10 each, it is a bit expensive.

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