Tuesday, 3 February 2009

My DVD Collection.

I originally owned 3 DVDS before Christmas (which were all gifts):- The Great Gatsby, an amazing film and a treasure trove of 1920's fashion inspiration, The Great Ziegfeld (which is still wrapped in cellophane), it was just one of those films I wanted when my 1920s obsession began, and The Red Shoes - still unwatched.My boyfriend got me Underworld and Underworld Evolution for Christmas because he knows about my obsession with vampires and heroines (Underworld is the perfect combination!) and also so I could refresh my memory of the story for when I watched the third installment; Underworld - Rise of the Lycans. So that makes 5.Everyone I know owns a ridiculous amount of DVDS, but I always felt it was a waste of space because if I wanted to watch a certain film again, I would just rent it. But after watching Twilight, I thought it'd be nice to actually have a collection of all of my absolute favourite films, which there really isn't much of. Well, I love a lot of films, but I would need a good 5-7 years until I would want to watch them again as I remember films quite well... however, when it came to Twilight, I really yearned to watch it again... and when Underworld came on terrestrial TV, I was more then happy to watch it and could easily watch it again tonight if I wanted to (thanks to my boyfriend!).
...so, just out of curiosity, how many DVDs do you own??
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