Saturday, 14 February 2009

Red Suede.

I've been wanting some Dr. Martens for absolutely ages now because I love wearing boots, I love lace up detailing, I love patent, I prefer them to be low-heeled (for everyday use) and Dr. Martens happened to fit this perfectly. However, they just seemed like they would make my feet look absolutely huge, and lots of people had told me that they take a long time to break into... I also wanted to get red patent ones, but could never find any at a price I was happy to pay. So, while browsing the sale, I came across some red suede hi-tops for only £9/$13!I hadn't worn any type of trainer for about 5 years, so I was surprised that I liked the look of these so much. They are so comfortable and there was no 'breaking in' stage either... I've been wearing them almost everyday since (about a month now)! They also go with a lot of my outfits because I live in dresses which mainly consist of blacks, blues, greys, purples... everything that goes with red! They've become my Dr.Martens alternative, but softer and more gentle on my feet. I loved them so much, I bought a second pair in the same colour and a third pair in black... you just can't go wrong with them being £9 each!!Also, something that really hadn't occurred to me at the time, was that one of my favourite bags that I use very often, is also red suede! I felt almost embarassed that it was so matchy-matchy, but I don't care now! I'm not a designer-obsessed person at all, but this bag is by Prada and my mother swapped one of her own bags with her friends to get me this bag as I always had so much to carry when I was at University studying Fashion Design. The bag is huge, I can fit so much into it... and I love the weird tortoise-shell horn hanging off it, although I do sometimes feel it adds a bit of extra weight onto it!!
...and just to finish off this entry, some of you may also remember my red suede heeled shoes too! I am obsessed!
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