Sunday, 22 February 2009


As I design, make and sell various things in my Etsy shop, I always had the hardest time designing business cards. Do I try and show everything I make, or do I just show the one, best thing? So I utilised the offerings from two different companies to produce a hybrid business card that would keep me happy for a while.
I ordered 250 glossy, one sided business cards from Vistaprint, which you can see below. I kept the front very simple, as I thought my blue lady (who I like to see as my mascot/logo) was as fussy as it should get. I left the back plain so I could write Thank You messages etc...

Then, I hopped over to MOO and ordered some stickers containing photos of all the different products I make. The fact that MOO lets customers upload as many different photos as possible is what makes it so appealing. So, I recently got my stickers, and voila - I can now pick and choose what product I want on the back. If someone buys a piece of clothing from me, I can use a garment sticker as a reminder of what they purchased from me and so on... and the plain business cards can be given to people who will be curious to see what is all about. If I really want to, I can stick a maximum of 6 stickers onto my business card and it would still look a lot nicer, be a lot cheaper, and much more flexible then having the same collage on 250 business cards.

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