Sunday, 29 March 2009

Aunia Kahn.

If you read this blog post a couple of weeks ago, you would know that I have now decided to collect art in the form of postcards (6"x4"), instead of ACEOs (2.5"x3.5")!
I recently purchased and received a beautiful set of postcards by the 'mixed media artist, musician and graphic/web designer', Aunia Kahn.I found her art completely mesmerising and looking at each piece made me feel like a story was being told. Most of the art I own are of female characters, whether they're cute, big eyed girls, or corseted bug ladies, so Aunia Kahn's art was very appealing to me! I am still wondering why this is, and I know it has a link with my obsession with superheroines - but then where has that come from? Am I just a super-duper feminist deep inside? Anyway, I think that is for a whole other blog entry!The characters in each postcard make me wonder so much more about them. This is probably because there is a real sense of dark humour and controversiality amongst each piece and I want to know what had happened prior to this scene, and what is going to happen after. Almost like a pause button has been pressed. Some of her characters are also redheads, again, something I adore due to it being the ideal hair colour for superheroines!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Vistaprint Mousepad.

I've been getting my business cards and other bits and bobs from Vistaprint for quite a while now, and fairly pleased with their service... so when they introduced their newest product in one of their emails - a mousepad, at the exact time I was bursting to get rid of my free, ugly eBay one, I couldn't stop myself from ordering one!
Of course, if you've been following my blog, I also found an amazing metallic cork mousepad after ordering my Vistaprint one (typical, wait for ages and two come at once!), and had to get that too! It's not a problem because I like using a mousepad with my laptop as I hate using the touchpad!... so I needed two mousepads really.Anyway, the one I ordered from Vistaprint recently arrived, and it's quite nice. The quality is like any other mousepad, but I was a little disappointed with my fashion illustration - she's a bit blurred! Well, I guess this is what happens when printing on a soft surface. It's not bad, but it's not amazing... and a lot of the detail in my illustration is lost. So, if you're thinking of getting some of your own mousepads made via Vistaprint, I would only recommend using very clear, linear imagery... if you uploaded a photo of your family, I don't think it'd work very well.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Death Note - Film Review.

I absolutely adore watching foreign films. I've never been disappointed with them, they're always so refreshing and subtitles don't bother me one bit!
There is an 11 year age gap between my younger sister and I, so a lot of the things that she is interested in, I usually have no clue about. One subject for instance, is Anime and Manga.
I love Anime and Manga art, with their big eyes and exaggerated expressions... but when it comes to character names, stories etc etc, I am completely baffled. My sister started talking about Deathnote, which is a book she is reading... so when I was browsing LOVEFiLM and came across the film version of it, I decided to check it out... and it was brilliant!!
Deathnote is centred around a very intelligent student called Light Yagami. He discovers a book titled 'Death Note' which grants the user the ability to end a person's life, by writing their name in the book. Light decides to try and rid the world of criminals, and begins his mission of eliminating them all. Obviously, all these unexplainable deaths catches the attention of the Police and a secretive character named 'L' - who you quickly realise is his match. I actually found this character the most interesting and the actor did a great job. The story is extremely well written with a lot of it being psychologically based, which is always something I find interesting... I also found it impossible to predict what would happen in each scene (a bad habit!) and kept thinking 'oh my god', when things I didn't imagine would happen, did! There is also a non-human character called Ryuk, who is a Death God... and I thought the effects for this character was wonderful! I didn't expect it to be the way it was.I would really recommend this film and apparently, Hollywood is thinking of remaking it, which annoys me slightly. It doesn't need remaking, old films can be remade, but this film is already at its best, it doesn't need fancy actors and effects to make it better.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Recycling my MOO Business Card Box.

I've been buying business cards and other products from MOO for ages... their customer service is excellent and as they are based in London / UK, like myself, I always get my orders super fast! Today, the box that my business cards came in have proved to be very handy.I needed to urgently send something today and had (typically) run out of boxes and couldn't find a nice enough/big enough box for the item... but then voila! I spotted my MOO box, and they were so perfect. I love the clean, minimalist look and it looked so pretty after I had tied it with ribbon. Luckily, I had two boxes and with some cards already used, there was enough space for me to move them all into one box.
I would love some more... I could find so many things to do with them now! Organise my beads and sequins, bobbins, ribbons... wow!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Moschino Sample Sale 2009 - London / UK

Moschino is one of my most favourite fashion brands, it was actually the brand that sparked my interest in Fashion Design. So ever since I undertook a work placement with the brand while I was in my second year at University in 2005, I added my home address to their mailing list and have been receiving letters every time they have a sample sale going on - and trust me, there are HUGE discounts.

Here are all the details!

Date: Thursday 26th March 2009 (tomorrow)
Time: 10am-7pm
Venue: 28/29 Conduit Street, London W1S 2YB - at the Moschino Boutique (entrance via red door)
Closest Train Station: Bond Street (Jubilee Line)
Telephone: 0207 318 0500

Cash, Cheque & Credit Cards

£1 discretionary entrance in aid of charity

Also leaving you with one of my favourite Moschino ads (they do the best!)

Monday, 23 March 2009

Etsy Event.

Some of you may know that I am part of an Etsy Team called Fashion, Design and Lifestyle. Where we set challenges and themes that we all participate in and it's wonderful seeing the outcome of it all! Read the following for information on our Etsy event.

EVENT: Colors of Spring through Fashion, Design and Lifestyle
A Trunk show by the FDL Etsy team!
Date: Thursday, March 26, 2009
Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm EST

Members of the Fashion, Design and Lifestyle team (fdlteam) will host
an online Trunk Show "live" using one of Etsy's virtual lab rooms. The
designers and artists will present a wide range of fashion, art and
jewelry inspired by the beauty of Spring. Many of the artists will be
on hand to chat with the viewing public about their design process. So
please join us for an evening of colorful items and commentary. We
hope to see you there!

For an advanced look at some of FDL's talented members, please visit
our blog at

Or, search Etsy for 'fdlteam' to view our current listings.

See you on the 26th of March at 7pm EST in the virtual labs:

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Red Lipstick.

The Senior Designer I have been mainly assisting for the past few months (on my Fashion Design work placement), recently came back from Los Angeles on an inspiration trip and brought me back a little present! She got me the cutest Marc Jacobs lipstick (to scale)... but it isn't a real one... it's a pen!I absolutely adore it and I don't really want to use it as I wouldn't want it to run out! I don't think you can get it here in London/UK, but if you are based around LA, then pop into the Marc Jacobs store and get yourself one too! No idea on the price though, she wouldn't tell me! I'd love to have dozens, just lined up against one another along a shelf, that would look so snazzy!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Firefluff. Part II.

I first mentioned British illustrator Lisa Evans a.k.a firefluff on my blog a few weeks ago when I purchased some ACEOs (pieces of art that measure 2.5 x 3.5") from her, and I'm absolutely crazy about her work! I recently noticed that she was selling some of her (and my favourite) illustrations in postcard format (6"x 4") for a very good price so I decided to get them too!When they arrived, it suddenly occurred to me, that I got more satisfaction out of slightly larger pieces of, I've been thinking of calming down with the ACEO obsession now because not all artists will do them for me (I can understand it is time consuming, having to cut them out etc), and I have often found that postcards/greeting cards are either the same or cheaper than ACEOs, even though they are larger - I know that this is because ACEOs are not a very commercial size therefore artists need to make them themselves and can't exactly get them sent to be made elsewhere. The only reason I started collecting ACEOs was because it was an 'affordable' way for me to have a piece of art that I loved, but I don't quite think it is working anymore!I'm thinking my new venture will start with six by fours now...but there are still a few artists I have bought ACEOs from and will continue to for a while... I'll keep you updated!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Steer Skull.

It must be my love for all things Fantasy, whether it's fairies and mermaids, or the darker side in the form of vampires, banshees, skulls and so on...
So, when I was Pouncing on Etsy (once again) I got myself a pair of handmade (out of bone resin) Steer Skull pendants that belonged to a lovely Etsy shop called mrd74. Although I am still deciding whether I want to put them on a chain, or maybe a bit of ribbon... or maybe attach them onto my growing charm bracelet (which I will show you soon).

There were also other pendants in the shapes of hummingbird, rats and raven skulls to name a few. I have my eye on their Flock of Bird Skulls Necklaces, I think they would look really stunning when worn!

Sunday, 8 March 2009


I've been wanting a nice mousepad for years... it's just one of those things 'I never got round to' and just ended up using my desk, which was never any good... or when I tried looking for one, there wasn't anything I liked. EBay then sent me one 2 years ago for being a 'loyal customer'. It was small, but had to do for the time. Still yearning for a nice mousepad, Vistaprint introduced mousepads to their product offers 2 weeks ago, so I designed my own and ordered one (still awaiting its arrival). Then a few days ago, as I was Pouncing on Etsy (Pouncing is when you can choose to either browse shops that have just sold, or shops that have just opened) and came across a Metallic Cork Mousepad by Etsy Seller kitjule, I knew it was The One! I went to check her shop to see if there were any more left, which of course there was! I bought it instantly even though I had already ordered my own, it was just perfect and I couldn't let it go!4 days later from ordering (from the U.S!), here it is! I was so impressed with the mousepad. I did have concerns whether it would be smooth enough for my mouse to run across, I wasn't sure how irregular the cork would be, but it's absolutely wonderful and so unique! A lot of my room is white (a mix of IKEA and MUJI furniture), so the metallic cork mousepad really stands out, I love it! She still has some available in her shop if you want to get your own!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Ela Steel (great name isn't it? - sounds like she could be a superheroine!) is the creator of steel, which is a shop on Etsy. I had first bought from her in February 2008, where you can read my (frantic) blog post about it here and was also the first time I'd asked someone to make their art into ACEOs for me - ACEOs are small pieces of art that measure 2.5" x 3.5". I then kept popping back every now and again to see if there was anything new and came across a whole new batch of her Morphology series, which are 'corseted-bug-women'... I love it! Here they are: