Sunday, 29 March 2009

Aunia Kahn.

If you read this blog post a couple of weeks ago, you would know that I have now decided to collect art in the form of postcards (6"x4"), instead of ACEOs (2.5"x3.5")!
I recently purchased and received a beautiful set of postcards by the 'mixed media artist, musician and graphic/web designer', Aunia Kahn.I found her art completely mesmerising and looking at each piece made me feel like a story was being told. Most of the art I own are of female characters, whether they're cute, big eyed girls, or corseted bug ladies, so Aunia Kahn's art was very appealing to me! I am still wondering why this is, and I know it has a link with my obsession with superheroines - but then where has that come from? Am I just a super-duper feminist deep inside? Anyway, I think that is for a whole other blog entry!The characters in each postcard make me wonder so much more about them. This is probably because there is a real sense of dark humour and controversiality amongst each piece and I want to know what had happened prior to this scene, and what is going to happen after. Almost like a pause button has been pressed. Some of her characters are also redheads, again, something I adore due to it being the ideal hair colour for superheroines!
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