Sunday, 8 March 2009


I've been wanting a nice mousepad for years... it's just one of those things 'I never got round to' and just ended up using my desk, which was never any good... or when I tried looking for one, there wasn't anything I liked. EBay then sent me one 2 years ago for being a 'loyal customer'. It was small, but had to do for the time. Still yearning for a nice mousepad, Vistaprint introduced mousepads to their product offers 2 weeks ago, so I designed my own and ordered one (still awaiting its arrival). Then a few days ago, as I was Pouncing on Etsy (Pouncing is when you can choose to either browse shops that have just sold, or shops that have just opened) and came across a Metallic Cork Mousepad by Etsy Seller kitjule, I knew it was The One! I went to check her shop to see if there were any more left, which of course there was! I bought it instantly even though I had already ordered my own, it was just perfect and I couldn't let it go!4 days later from ordering (from the U.S!), here it is! I was so impressed with the mousepad. I did have concerns whether it would be smooth enough for my mouse to run across, I wasn't sure how irregular the cork would be, but it's absolutely wonderful and so unique! A lot of my room is white (a mix of IKEA and MUJI furniture), so the metallic cork mousepad really stands out, I love it! She still has some available in her shop if you want to get your own!
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