Thursday, 26 March 2009

Recycling my MOO Business Card Box.

I've been buying business cards and other products from MOO for ages... their customer service is excellent and as they are based in London / UK, like myself, I always get my orders super fast! Today, the box that my business cards came in have proved to be very handy.I needed to urgently send something today and had (typically) run out of boxes and couldn't find a nice enough/big enough box for the item... but then voila! I spotted my MOO box, and they were so perfect. I love the clean, minimalist look and it looked so pretty after I had tied it with ribbon. Luckily, I had two boxes and with some cards already used, there was enough space for me to move them all into one box.
I would love some more... I could find so many things to do with them now! Organise my beads and sequins, bobbins, ribbons... wow!
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