Thursday, 12 March 2009

Steer Skull.

It must be my love for all things Fantasy, whether it's fairies and mermaids, or the darker side in the form of vampires, banshees, skulls and so on...
So, when I was Pouncing on Etsy (once again) I got myself a pair of handmade (out of bone resin) Steer Skull pendants that belonged to a lovely Etsy shop called mrd74. Although I am still deciding whether I want to put them on a chain, or maybe a bit of ribbon... or maybe attach them onto my growing charm bracelet (which I will show you soon).

There were also other pendants in the shapes of hummingbird, rats and raven skulls to name a few. I have my eye on their Flock of Bird Skulls Necklaces, I think they would look really stunning when worn!

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