Saturday, 25 April 2009


Jeggings are simply leggings that look like jeans. I first noticed this word almost a year ago, and didn't think it was going to stick around, I just thought it sounded so ridiculous and I'm sure it's proper term is out there somewhere, be it in another language or not.
This is the same with Treggings - leggings that look like trousers. It also reminded me how the leggings with the loops at the bottom to put over your foot are traditionally called Fusseau (with many different spellings!), but mainstream fashion tend to call them 'ski pants' or 'stirrups'. Why dumb things down! Anyway, despite the horrible sounding name, I am going through a small phase! I absolutely love leggings, they're just so comfortable... I have many and I'm always on the hunt for interesting pairs with different trimmings, textures, prints etc... so when I started seeing these 'jeggings' in the shops, I had to get a couple!The ones above are ankle zipped which really do look like jeans because of the perfected denim-look print, and orange top stitching detail, but these are super soft and I love them! They're from H&M and were £12.99/$19. I also got a black version (without the zip detailing) but my mother really liked them so I gave them to her.These pink and grey acid-wash print jeggings are from Topshop and are £18/$26. They're a bit too long for me, but I think the scrunched-up-at-the-ankle look is quite sweet. I am also actually becoming quite fond of an acid-wash finish,but only when it's in dusky shades. These are even softer then the H&M ones and they go really well with my pink 'Fish out of Water' Irregular Choice shoes!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Wisdom Teeth.

I got my two top wisdom teeth removed yesterday (a year too late due to procrastination which just made it ten times worse!) and it wasn't the best experience. I had about 6 injections to numb my mouth, 2 on each side and 2 on the roof of my mouth which was the most painful. Being able to sense the pulling out of your tooth is almost... traumatising! I'm not usually a drama queen, but I was close to fainting and looked like a hamster for the rest of the day (in regards to my mouth being stuffed with cotton). Anyway, when I got home, feeling very dazed and confused, I decided to have a little search on Etsy for wisdom teeth themed products to cheer myself up, and much to my delight, came across some lovely things!
First up is this 9" x 12" original acrylic painting on stretched canvas by stellalola which I thought was the sweetest thing! It definitely made me feel a little better and can be purchased here.I also adored some of her other paintings in the same style which I just had to include! Click on the titles to be taken straight to the listing and to see them clearly... they're so cute!
Beach Ball Bachelors / Femme Fatale Fruit / His Eggcellency

I love jewellery, so I also had to mention this wisdom tooth necklace by fellow Londoner thebeside ... it was even cast from a real wisdom tooth! Which reminds me, I wish I'd kept mine but I was so delirious I forgot to ask! The sterling silver tooth also has a black diamond set on one side which makes it very luxe. You can get it here.

Monday, 20 April 2009

The Secret Sample Sale and The London Accessory Sale

The next London sample sale that I know of is from the 1st May 2009. with a £1 admission fee. This includes stock from catwalks, showroom and studio samples and clearance stock sourced from London fashion designers, agents and retailers with up to 90% discount. Here are the details!
Friday 1st May 2009: 12pm - 8pm
Saturday 2nd May 2009: 12pm - 7pm
Sunday 3rd May 2009: 12pm - 6pm

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Patent Tassle Pumps.

I recently started my first 'proper' job in the Fashion industry as a design assistant after about 18 months of unpaid work placements! Nevertheless, they have all been fantastic and very worthwhile. I have also met such wonderful people along the way, so if you too are a Fashion Design graduate, don't give up and get as much experience as possible! Anyway, I also recently got paid and although I vowed to save, I just had to get these sweet little patent pumps!I love the concept of taking an old fashioned style and turning them into something so funky! They are from H&M and were only £9.99/$15! My little sister thinks they're absolutely horrendous and I think everyone else I know will agree with her, but I think that's why I like them so much. Although, if they weren't patent, I wouldn't have bought them.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Spring Awakening - UK.

My little sister and I went to watch Spring Awakening at the Novello Theatre in London a few weeks ago and I honestly had no idea what it was about. This is because I bought the tickets on a whim as there was a promotion going on at the place I was doing my fashion design placement at, and the tickets were only £10($14), when they are usually £40+($59+). I love going to the theatre, so it didn't bother me that I didn't know what it was about, I'll watch anything and everything at the theatre!I would usually explain the show myself, but I felt an extract from the (UK) website summed it up perfectly and I think it's been showing in the US for quite a while now too.

"Frank Wedekind’s groundbreaking 1890s play was a daring exploration of teenage sexual awakening set against a backdrop of religious and parental repression. Acclaimed writer Steven Sater and songwriter Duncan Sheik’s new musical version retains the period setting of the original and introduces a superb collection of contemporary songs that serve to express the private anguish and ecstasy of the characters. Stunning 21st century design and superb performances combine to create an exhilarating energy that drives a passionate and timeless story."I liked the storyline, it was funny (self-discovery), passionate (the lovers) and occasionally very serious (suicide), but I liked the music performances more. There are many characters including two eventual lovers (Melchior and Wendla) who I think are supposed to be the leads, but I felt that Melchior's bestfriend, Moritz, played by Iwan Rheon completely stole the show. Maybe he sang the best songs, but every time he performed them, there was a real buzz in the theatre. There would be heads nodding, knees bopping and fingers drumming. Even the advertisement with him on it looks most interesting!One of my favourite songs was a duet with another character called Ilse, and they perform a song called Don't do Sadness/Blue Wind. You could youtube it if you're curious, but it sounds nothing like how it does when it is live. I absolutely recommend this show...but possibly not if you're prudish.

Monday, 13 April 2009


I've been going through a bodysuit phase lately. They're not as difficult to wear as you may initially think and as long as you get the ones with snaps or Velcro on the gusset so it's easy to go the toilet and so that they are more of a baby onesie rather than a swimsuit... they will turn into a wardrobe staple.
The first one I got this year that made me interested in getting more, was this off-shoulder style which is from ASOS and you can see it in more detail here (I would've taken a photo of mine, but it has no hanger or table appeal whatsoever!). I've been wearing it with my high waisted dark wash jeans, but seeing it styled (below) with a high waisted skirt is pretty cute too!My next ones are only a few days old and were bought from New Look. I have never bought anything from there before, it's never been my kind of shop. But, I was with my little sister who likes it and wanted to have a browse, so I followed her in and came across a grey marl and striped navy bodysuit for only £6/$9 each!

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Steel. Part III.

This is the third time I am mentioning steel on my blog, other times have been here and here!
When I first came across her shop over a year ago, she predominantly sold straight forward original art and reproductions... but in the last few months, she has been adding in her art incorporated as jewellery!This little ring I got has one of her pieces of art under a glass marble, it is so so sweet! And if you've been reading my blog, you would know that 'faces' are definitely my thing! From cameos to the weird and wonderful!

Thursday, 9 April 2009


I love cardigans, I can never buy enough! There's something so 'cosy' about them, and I'm always on the look out for my next new one! Here are three of my most recent.

First is this adorable taupe cardigan with loopy detailing bought from (although I think they have now completely sold out!). They also had it in black, but as I have long dark hair, I thought the contrast would look nicer, and also because the loops are more prominent in a lighter shade.Next, is this navy cardigan with the cutest frogging detail! Also bought from, and has also sold out, but may be restocked. The cream version is still available, but I much prefer the navy. I've already worn it loads and I always get asked if it's vintage, which is great!And lastly, a black and white stripe cardigan bought from Primark, which is a really cheap store in the UK... I think the US equivalent is Target. It was £5/$8 or something silly like that. I've nearly worn this one to death.I have plans to do some customising on the loopy cardigan and black and white cardigan...just because I like to make things I own as original as possible! I'll keep you updated!

Getting a new cardigan? Need some flashy accessories to go with it.
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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Lulu Beauty.

While Pouncing on Etsy, I came across a shop called LuluBeauty. I was instantly drawn in by the way the perfume was presented, which was in an extremely professional manner. I don't need perfume, I have lots, which maybe one day I will gather together and show you!... but browsing LuluBeauty made me want to get some more!... I guess I'm just weak when it comes to beautifully presented products.
So, I purchased the perfume samples which was at a really great price for four different scents. It recently arrived and just like the shop presentation, the packaging was lovely!After a layer of tissue paper and bubble wrap, I came across these four little paper 'candy' type bags which obviously contained the perfume samples. They were held closed with stickers that had the name of the scent on them which I thought was the most adorable thing ever! I really didn't want to open them! Anyway, because the stickers had the name of each scent on them, I assumed that the sample tubes didn't... so I was very careful with opening each bag because I had an idea.I loved how the colours of the perfumes were all so different, I especially loved the green one!... my mind momentarily drifted off into the world of fantasy and I imagined them as being special potions and oils, because that's exactly what they looked like! I gently peeled off each sticker and applied them onto each corresponding tube... introducing to you: Starlet, Marlena, Lulumae and Gigi.My favourite scent out of the four is Lulumae, where "the top note of Italian Bergamot is accompanied by exotic African lilies and gardenias... and the faintest hint of soft vanilla and musk line the fragrance."
I also love Gigi, which is the green one! Once I've used these up, I'll definitely be getting the bigger versions of them both!