Monday, 13 April 2009


I've been going through a bodysuit phase lately. They're not as difficult to wear as you may initially think and as long as you get the ones with snaps or Velcro on the gusset so it's easy to go the toilet and so that they are more of a baby onesie rather than a swimsuit... they will turn into a wardrobe staple.
The first one I got this year that made me interested in getting more, was this off-shoulder style which is from ASOS and you can see it in more detail here (I would've taken a photo of mine, but it has no hanger or table appeal whatsoever!). I've been wearing it with my high waisted dark wash jeans, but seeing it styled (below) with a high waisted skirt is pretty cute too!My next ones are only a few days old and were bought from New Look. I have never bought anything from there before, it's never been my kind of shop. But, I was with my little sister who likes it and wanted to have a browse, so I followed her in and came across a grey marl and striped navy bodysuit for only £6/$9 each!
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