Thursday, 9 April 2009


I love cardigans, I can never buy enough! There's something so 'cosy' about them, and I'm always on the look out for my next new one! Here are three of my most recent.

First is this adorable taupe cardigan with loopy detailing bought from (although I think they have now completely sold out!). They also had it in black, but as I have long dark hair, I thought the contrast would look nicer, and also because the loops are more prominent in a lighter shade.Next, is this navy cardigan with the cutest frogging detail! Also bought from, and has also sold out, but may be restocked. The cream version is still available, but I much prefer the navy. I've already worn it loads and I always get asked if it's vintage, which is great!And lastly, a black and white stripe cardigan bought from Primark, which is a really cheap store in the UK... I think the US equivalent is Target. It was £5/$8 or something silly like that. I've nearly worn this one to death.I have plans to do some customising on the loopy cardigan and black and white cardigan...just because I like to make things I own as original as possible! I'll keep you updated!

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