Saturday, 25 April 2009


Jeggings are simply leggings that look like jeans. I first noticed this word almost a year ago, and didn't think it was going to stick around, I just thought it sounded so ridiculous and I'm sure it's proper term is out there somewhere, be it in another language or not.
This is the same with Treggings - leggings that look like trousers. It also reminded me how the leggings with the loops at the bottom to put over your foot are traditionally called Fusseau (with many different spellings!), but mainstream fashion tend to call them 'ski pants' or 'stirrups'. Why dumb things down! Anyway, despite the horrible sounding name, I am going through a small phase! I absolutely love leggings, they're just so comfortable... I have many and I'm always on the hunt for interesting pairs with different trimmings, textures, prints etc... so when I started seeing these 'jeggings' in the shops, I had to get a couple!The ones above are ankle zipped which really do look like jeans because of the perfected denim-look print, and orange top stitching detail, but these are super soft and I love them! They're from H&M and were £12.99/$19. I also got a black version (without the zip detailing) but my mother really liked them so I gave them to her.These pink and grey acid-wash print jeggings are from Topshop and are £18/$26. They're a bit too long for me, but I think the scrunched-up-at-the-ankle look is quite sweet. I am also actually becoming quite fond of an acid-wash finish,but only when it's in dusky shades. These are even softer then the H&M ones and they go really well with my pink 'Fish out of Water' Irregular Choice shoes!
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