Sunday, 5 April 2009

Lulu Beauty.

While Pouncing on Etsy, I came across a shop called LuluBeauty. I was instantly drawn in by the way the perfume was presented, which was in an extremely professional manner. I don't need perfume, I have lots, which maybe one day I will gather together and show you!... but browsing LuluBeauty made me want to get some more!... I guess I'm just weak when it comes to beautifully presented products.
So, I purchased the perfume samples which was at a really great price for four different scents. It recently arrived and just like the shop presentation, the packaging was lovely!After a layer of tissue paper and bubble wrap, I came across these four little paper 'candy' type bags which obviously contained the perfume samples. They were held closed with stickers that had the name of the scent on them which I thought was the most adorable thing ever! I really didn't want to open them! Anyway, because the stickers had the name of each scent on them, I assumed that the sample tubes didn't... so I was very careful with opening each bag because I had an idea.I loved how the colours of the perfumes were all so different, I especially loved the green one!... my mind momentarily drifted off into the world of fantasy and I imagined them as being special potions and oils, because that's exactly what they looked like! I gently peeled off each sticker and applied them onto each corresponding tube... introducing to you: Starlet, Marlena, Lulumae and Gigi.My favourite scent out of the four is Lulumae, where "the top note of Italian Bergamot is accompanied by exotic African lilies and gardenias... and the faintest hint of soft vanilla and musk line the fragrance."
I also love Gigi, which is the green one! Once I've used these up, I'll definitely be getting the bigger versions of them both!
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