Saturday, 18 April 2009

Spring Awakening - UK.

My little sister and I went to watch Spring Awakening at the Novello Theatre in London a few weeks ago and I honestly had no idea what it was about. This is because I bought the tickets on a whim as there was a promotion going on at the place I was doing my fashion design placement at, and the tickets were only £10($14), when they are usually £40+($59+). I love going to the theatre, so it didn't bother me that I didn't know what it was about, I'll watch anything and everything at the theatre!I would usually explain the show myself, but I felt an extract from the (UK) website summed it up perfectly and I think it's been showing in the US for quite a while now too.

"Frank Wedekind’s groundbreaking 1890s play was a daring exploration of teenage sexual awakening set against a backdrop of religious and parental repression. Acclaimed writer Steven Sater and songwriter Duncan Sheik’s new musical version retains the period setting of the original and introduces a superb collection of contemporary songs that serve to express the private anguish and ecstasy of the characters. Stunning 21st century design and superb performances combine to create an exhilarating energy that drives a passionate and timeless story."I liked the storyline, it was funny (self-discovery), passionate (the lovers) and occasionally very serious (suicide), but I liked the music performances more. There are many characters including two eventual lovers (Melchior and Wendla) who I think are supposed to be the leads, but I felt that Melchior's bestfriend, Moritz, played by Iwan Rheon completely stole the show. Maybe he sang the best songs, but every time he performed them, there was a real buzz in the theatre. There would be heads nodding, knees bopping and fingers drumming. Even the advertisement with him on it looks most interesting!One of my favourite songs was a duet with another character called Ilse, and they perform a song called Don't do Sadness/Blue Wind. You could youtube it if you're curious, but it sounds nothing like how it does when it is live. I absolutely recommend this show...but possibly not if you're prudish.
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