Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Wisdom Teeth.

I got my two top wisdom teeth removed yesterday (a year too late due to procrastination which just made it ten times worse!) and it wasn't the best experience. I had about 6 injections to numb my mouth, 2 on each side and 2 on the roof of my mouth which was the most painful. Being able to sense the pulling out of your tooth is almost... traumatising! I'm not usually a drama queen, but I was close to fainting and looked like a hamster for the rest of the day (in regards to my mouth being stuffed with cotton). Anyway, when I got home, feeling very dazed and confused, I decided to have a little search on Etsy for wisdom teeth themed products to cheer myself up, and much to my delight, came across some lovely things!
First up is this 9" x 12" original acrylic painting on stretched canvas by stellalola which I thought was the sweetest thing! It definitely made me feel a little better and can be purchased here.I also adored some of her other paintings in the same style which I just had to include! Click on the titles to be taken straight to the listing and to see them clearly... they're so cute!
Beach Ball Bachelors / Femme Fatale Fruit / His Eggcellency

I love jewellery, so I also had to mention this wisdom tooth necklace by fellow Londoner thebeside ... it was even cast from a real wisdom tooth! Which reminds me, I wish I'd kept mine but I was so delirious I forgot to ask! The sterling silver tooth also has a black diamond set on one side which makes it very luxe. You can get it here.
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