Sunday, 17 May 2009


I've wanted some Gladiator inspired sandals since 2000 when I watched the film... then a few years later I watched Troy, followed by TV series Rome and started reading 'Memoirs of Cleopatra'... therefore becoming very influenced! So when I spotted this pair in a Select store that had recently opened in Camden Town/London, there was no more time to be messing around so I got them! Summer 2009 was going to be the Summer I would finally wear some Gladiators!
The reason why I'd never got a pair, was because I'd always been so fussy. However, this pair from Select were perfect! I loved the slight inch high wedge heel, the front zip detail, the simple studding and also functional back zip. They were also only £16/$24! Being in the fashion industry, I quickly learnt that something that is cheap, does not necessarily mean it has a lower quality than the one at a higher price point. It all depends on what level fashion brands like to put themselves at. I'll be doing a blog entry on this topic soon!However, another style of sandal has also caught my eye, Jellies. So don't be surprised if you see a pair cropping up on my blog some time soon...
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