Thursday, 14 May 2009

Leah Felicity.

I got these wonderfully unique and original pieces of artwork (postcard sized of course!) from fellow Etsy seller leahfelicity and added them to my growing collection of art!I just loved the quick, fluid lines, like she didn't take the pen off the paper until she was done, then spontaneously filled it with watercolours. The characters are also so different, I could conjure up personalities for them from first sight. I don't often buy original art as I prefer using the extra cost to buy extra reproductions, but these were at a very appealing price for such fantastic originals that I had to get them! They're also quite different to what I usually buy, but I've always known I had eclectic taste!I later found out that leahfelicity had created these characters as ' exercise in stamina." She wanted to see if she had the perseverance to draw 100 4x6" portraits - 1 per day... and she did! I thought this was such a good idea and pondered about any other artists also doing this. I was also directed to a web page that showcased all 100 portraits, and they look absolutely fantastic together! I could actually visualize the entire set on a museum wall. You can see them all here. I am so glad to have had the chance to own some of the 'experiment'.

While browsing her shop, I also came across a scarf she had knitted in all of my favourite colours. I've been using a really chunky scarf all through Winter, and English weather has recently warmed (but still cold!), so my new scarf was perfect for the change.
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