Saturday, 16 May 2009

Sequins and Paillettes.

I absolutely love sequins and all things sparkly... this is obviously stemmed from my love of the 1920's, where an evening gown wasn't an evening gown without some sparkle. So, as I was looking through my fabrics (trying to utilise what I have rather then buy more), I came across some stretch sequin fabric which I had used for my graduate fashion collection almost 2 years ago.As it is extremely difficult to work with without the right equipment, I decided to make some simple body con skirts out of them. I felt that the all over sequin would counteract them looking so simple! So I set to work hand sewing all the seams as I didn't want to risk breaking my domestic sewing machine. I then reinforced the seams with wide velvet ribbon and tied a bow at the top!I currently have two styles available, one with a small velvet bow and one with a wider velvet bow, both in my Etsy Shop. I hope to do these skirts in different colours once I can find the sequin fabric! I've also been working on a third style, where I have been sewing paillettes onto the skirt. Paillettes are simply large disc sequins, but paillettes are the correct terminology which you don't often hear. This one is taking a lot of time but I am really pleased with it so far. I'll be posting the finished skirt once I'm done!
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