Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Owl Purse.

Being in the fashion industry, I am always aware of my surroundings when shopping. There are so many tricks when it comes to merchandising items in a store, and I always try not to fall for them! However, while waiting in a long queue in H&M, my eyes wandered over to this little owl purse, sitting amongst others in a cleverly placed section near the till point. I couldn't help but get it, even though I already have a coin section in my everyday wallet!

Sunday, 28 June 2009


I adore personalisation. Anything with my initial or name on it... or anything that I could put my initial or name on, I wanted! As a child (and with parents who both designed and made jewellery), I always asked for a personalised piece of jewellery for my birthday. Sometimes I'd get my initial, my entire name or my birth stone (garnet) incorporated into the design. The necklace below is an example of what I have received with my birthstone, which my father designed and made for me, and is also one of my favourites!Personalisation has always been something I never grew out of and when I was a tomboy teenager, I even ordered some personalised trainers from the Nike website which enabled you to design your own pair of trainers. I had made mine black, pink, and with my name on them! I may put them on my blog once I feel it is not so cringe worthy!!Anyway, when I came across these loose vintage heart and oval glass charms with letters on them, I immediately purchased the lot, plucked out my initials and turned them into a necklace for myself. I then thought about offering them in my Etsy Shop, but I wanted them to be a bit more special. So, I made mini pouches and printed the initial on the front, in the same style as the charm.I love them! I think they're fantastic as gifts and I know I'll definitely be giving these out for birthday presents! I am now on the hunt for more initial charms and also expanding on this 'initial' phase that has suddenly seemed to resurface... I can't wait to show you my next idea!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Jessica Rosario.

If you visit my art collection you will clearly see what style I tend to go for, although I do occasionally get something in complete contrast! So, I think anyone could have predicted that Jessica Rosario's Etsy shop, rosario76, would get my attention! It had that same dark aesthetic, familiar in a lot of the other pieces of art I have collected, although still shockingly beautiful.When I came across rosario76 it was still very new, with maybe only 3 items available for purchasing. One of the items was a set of 8 postcards (6"x4"), my favourite format of buying art in! I whipped them up immediately and waited patiently as they came to me from America!I was over the moon when I received them. Each piece had been printed on such beautiful paper, that it looked like they had been painted on! All the dolls were sharp and I could see all detail very clearly which is one of the reasons why I had upgraded to buying postcard sized art from buying ACEOs (3.5x2.5").... if you browse the oldest entries of my art collection you will see all the ACEOs I have bought and information on what they are.Now, for some strange reason (or some strange function on my camera), the photos I have taken have a slight blue hue. So, if you like the look of Jessica Rosario's work, please do pop by her website to see her work in better quality or her Etsy shop to do some shopping!

Saturday, 13 June 2009


Pantone is a universal colour system used in all industries and I probably use it every single day in my job as a Fashion Design Assistant... and when I first noticed (at the Victoria & Albert Museum) that you could get Pantone mugs, I couldn't wait to get my own! There are hundreds of colours I'd like, but I had to get one of my favourite shades of blue first!I got this one from ASOS.com for £7.75/$12.76... they don't have many colours but they had the one I wanted! After getting my mug (and absolutely loving it's simplicity!) I know that I'd like to get many many more in the future! So, I had a look on eBay and there is a lot more colour choice there if you'd like to get one of your own.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Lost Butterflies.

LostButterflies is a shop on Etsy showcasing the art of Mehgan Trice. I had bought four pieces of art from her over a month ago and never got round to showing them off on my blog, so here they are!These two are called 'Remembrance' and 'Falling Away'. The first thing that caught my eye were the colours, I thought the red looked incredibly striking against the blue... and that cold-hued blue is my favourite colour if you haven't already realised. I also loved the nod to surrealism, specifically in 'Falling Away' where I pondered what those masks symbolised.I found 'Falling Away' very eerie, especially when I watched a video clip of her actually painting it, although the background music did provoke a lot of the eerie-ness! I absolutely recommend watching it as it is so mesmerising and is so lovely to watch it all coming to life. In fact, when I first came across Mehgan Trice's work, I thought it was digitally produced as it looked so perfect. You can watch her painting 'Falling Away' and other pieces here.These last two are 'The Bringer of Dreams' and 'Whispers in the Wind'. Something else I adored about this bundle I purchased were the characters. Who are they? Where are they from? I gave up trying to guess where Mehgan Trice got her inspiration from to create these beauties (which are just probably from her mind anyway!) and decided for myself that they were a re-adaptation of Eskimos, but the scenery plays most of the part in this theory. I can't wait to get some more of her art to add to my growing art collection!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

My New Cardigan.

Back in April 09, I introduced my love for cardigans and also showed off some of my most recent ones... you can read it all here! So it was natural for me to blog about my newest cardigan... this cream one with frill detail and contrast bows is from ASOS.com and was in the Clearance section for only £7/$11! I'm contemplating getting the plain black version too, which I wish I'd got at the same time to save on postage costs!