Sunday, 28 June 2009


I adore personalisation. Anything with my initial or name on it... or anything that I could put my initial or name on, I wanted! As a child (and with parents who both designed and made jewellery), I always asked for a personalised piece of jewellery for my birthday. Sometimes I'd get my initial, my entire name or my birth stone (garnet) incorporated into the design. The necklace below is an example of what I have received with my birthstone, which my father designed and made for me, and is also one of my favourites!Personalisation has always been something I never grew out of and when I was a tomboy teenager, I even ordered some personalised trainers from the Nike website which enabled you to design your own pair of trainers. I had made mine black, pink, and with my name on them! I may put them on my blog once I feel it is not so cringe worthy!!Anyway, when I came across these loose vintage heart and oval glass charms with letters on them, I immediately purchased the lot, plucked out my initials and turned them into a necklace for myself. I then thought about offering them in my Etsy Shop, but I wanted them to be a bit more special. So, I made mini pouches and printed the initial on the front, in the same style as the charm.I love them! I think they're fantastic as gifts and I know I'll definitely be giving these out for birthday presents! I am now on the hunt for more initial charms and also expanding on this 'initial' phase that has suddenly seemed to resurface... I can't wait to show you my next idea!
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